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My Journey to Success with Faceless YouTube Channels

Starting a faceless YouTube channel seemed like a no-brainer. The allure of making easy money by uploading videos without showing my face was irresistible. After all, who wouldn't want to earn a passive income from the comfort of their home? However, the reality hit me hard when my videos barely got any views. It was then I realized that succeeding on YouTube isn’t just about uploading content; it's about creating videos that captivate and's about creating videos on topics that people are ACTUALLY interested in...and ultimately, it can be boiled down to a science (of sorts) once you identify what works (b/c you can replicate it over and over again - a different video and topic - but the same formula).

So, I embarked on a journey to crack the code of successful faceless YouTube videos, and here’s what I discovered (keep in mind this can vary slightly from niche to niche and audience to audience - for example what works in the entertainment niche, might not work as well in the educational tutorial niche).

1. Finding the Right Topic

The first step was finding a topic that not only interested viewers but would also stand the test of time. I turned to TubeBuddy’s Keyword Explorer for this. It was like having a crystal ball showing me which topics were in demand and which were oversaturated.

For example, while "AI tools" was a crowded niche, "artificial intelligence video generator" offered a much better opportunity. So use tube buddy and play around with different keyword opportunities in the keyword explorer. If you're taking shots in the dark with your video topics, you're just HOPING one of them will hit (it's just wishing). But if you're using data backed search traffic analysis (like tube buddy will show you - then the video topics you choose will have a MUCH HIGHER liklihood to succeed).

2. Scripting the Perfect Video

Initially, I experimented with outsourcing and even tried writing it myself. In my opinion, a human script in your own words works the best...although, for most people just starting a Youtube Automation channel, this approach isn't ROI positive enough for the time spent on it (or the money spent on it if you're outsourcing). So, ChatGPT (used CORRECTLY!) can do the heavy lifting for you here.

With a simple prompt, you can craft a great script that's not only informative, but also engaging. A few tips on this...

  • Tweaking and fine-tuning it is crucial, especially the opening lines – they can make or break viewer engagement. DON'T just take the boring intro chat gpt writes for you on the first draft. Make it better.

  • Tell it to write as if it was explaining the concept to a 7th grader. I've found that anything below that comes out too "elementary" and doesn't sound good...but anything above that and chat gpt tends to get too wordy and it can torpedo people's interest with big words and even bigger explanations (keep it simple - simple works for everyone, especially beginners who might not know a lot about what you're explaining).

  • Don't just take the script word for word and send it off to your voiceover artist - often chat gpt can write scripts that sound a bit robotic in certain ways...make sure you're proof reading what it gives you and putting it into your own words. Make it write like you're going to speak it.

3. The Voice That Connects

That ties me into the voiceover - which is another critical aspect of this process. I learned that while AI voiceovers are tempting for obvious reasons (they're easy, cheap - if not free, and don't take time to record), nothing beats the warmth and relatability of a human voice. Viewers connect with people, not robots. Hence, I chose to either record my own voiceovers or hire professionals from Fiverr, ensuring that the voice lent authenticity to my videos.

Don't skimp on this...or you'll struggle. People always ask me if you can "get away" with an AI voiceover.

The short answer is yes. You can. But it's often a grey area.

The long answer is why would you want to "get away" with it? You're creating a video that's going to get better over time, more views over time, and more ad revenue over time. Don't try to shortcut it and cheapen it. This is the wrong approach (to ANY business - this included). Don't ask yourself how to make it easier. Ask yourself how to make it better. Look around many successful faceless channels that are CRUSHING it have AI voiceovers? Some? Sure. But not many....certainly not as many as the ones with good human voiceovers.

4. Engaging Video Graphics

For the visuals, I explored several options, from whiteboard animations to stock videos and motion graphics. It was all about finding what best suited my content and audience. The key was to tell a story through the visuals, making the content not just informative but also visually appealing.

Either go the whiteboard animation route (which you can hire good people for as little as $10-15 per video on Fiverr for). Or go the motion graphics route and hire someone who can put a good edit together. < This is a bit more pricey obviously...but again, don't try to skimp on your videos. Don't ask yourself how can I make this easier and cheaper? Ask yourself how can you make this better.

If you're pumping out lots of videos super cheap...congratulations, you'll just have tons of bad videos no one watches up on a channel. And it'll cost you a lot more money and a lot more time in the long run. Think better...and invest into your videos. Thank me later!

5. The Power of Thumbnails and Titles

I can't stress enough the importance of a good thumbnail and an engaging title. These are your first points of contact with potential viewers. A compelling title and an eye-catching thumbnail are what get people to click on your video. Investing time in learning Photoshop and observing successful channels in my niche helped me tremendously. But the easiest route is just hire someone to do this for you. I still use fiverr for my thumbnails and you can find great graphic designers to create high quality thumbnails on fiverr for $5.

Plus, don't just settle for your initial thumbnail either. If you think a video was good, but maybe it didn't get the views you were expecting it to...maybe not many people clicked on it (so YouTube stopped suggesting it). Try to switch up the thumbnail or the title. Often a small change can trigger YouTube to try and suggest it again. And if the click through rate is better, it'll start getting more views. So don't be afraid to go back and tweak previous videos thumbnails and titles if they don't do well.

6. Consistency and Quality

Finally, the secret sauce to YouTube success, especially with faceless channels, is consistency in uploading high-quality videos. Each video is an opportunity to attract new viewers. More importantly, a collection of great videos encourages binge-watching, which the chances of gaining loyal subscribers and the algorithm picking you up. I've covered this CRUCIAL concept of binge sessions in several other videos. You can watch more about it in the YouTube Automation Playlist Here.

The truth is there's STILL a MASSIVE opportunity to make tons of money on YouTube with a channel like this. Despite the platform's saturation, there's always room for channels that bring something unique to the table—be it through innovative topics, captivating scripts, authentic voiceovers, or visually striking graphics. Remember, YouTube isn't just a platform; it's a dynamic community eager for content that enlightens, entertains, and connects. As you embark on this journey, focus not on cutting corners, but on enhancing every element of your content.

Most people hear "YouTube Automation Channel" and think it's some "hack" or "get rich quick" approach to YouTube (often people of the people that are pitching it). But IT'S NOT! It's simply just a form of uploading videos to YouTube. If you start looking at it like a business and a system of outsourced steps, you'll succeed a lot faster I PROMISE You. And just by approaching it that way, you'll already differentiate yourself from the loads of other trying to find shortcuts that smart viewers will see right through.

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