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Finding YouTube Automation Video Topics that Go Viral

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

It's no secret that starting a YouTube channel comes with its challenges. Among them, one of the most daunting tasks for me was consistently finding trending video topics that could potentially go viral. So, how did I do it? After countless hours of research and experimentation, here are my personal insights on four effective methods I discovered to nail down winning YouTube video topics:

1. The YouTube Search Bar:

The YouTube search bar is not just a tool to find your next favorite video, but it’s a goldmine for channel creators like me. What I did was type in a keyword related to my niche, say, 'Bitcoin', and simply look at the suggestions that popped up.

These are direct hints from YouTube about what people are currently searching for. However, there's a trick to it. Before diving headfirst into creating a video on "Why is Bitcoin dropping?", I always analyzed the search results. I'd see which channels were ranking high. If I saw smaller channels securing a good number of views, I knew there was potential for me to carve out a space.

2. Using TubeBuddy:

TubeBuddy was a revelation. This extension became my go-to tool when I started my YouTube journey. The "Keyword Explorer" feature within TubeBuddy is my secret weapon. It provides a score that indicates the viability of a topic based on search volume and competition.

For instance, while exploring topics around 'Bitcoin', it showed me a list of related searches, helping me refine my topics further and giving me keyword ideas for my script. It basically took the guesswork out of the process and gave me a clear direction. I’ve done countless tube buddy tutorials using this feature. Search YouTube for “Bryan Guerra YouTube Automation Playlist” and you’ll find several videos in there that are helpful.

3. Dive into Long-tail Keywords:

Starting as a new YouTuber, I quickly realized the value of long-tail keywords. Instead of opting for broad keywords like 'Bitcoin news', I started targeting phrases like 'Bitcoin news for new millennial investors’. These longer phrases were my ticket to ranking higher, especially in the beginning. They are more specific, which means they often have less competition, making it easier for newer channels to rank.

4. Analyzing the Competition:

It's crucial to remember: competition isn't always a bad thing. There were times I found a topic that was super competitive but had enormous search traffic. These topics offered a silver lining; if my video was good, it could get suggested alongside a popular creator's video. So, while it's great to find a niche that's less saturated, I also didn't shy away from topics that showed potential, even if they were competitive.

Finding the right video topic isn't just about following trends blindly. It's a mix of research, understanding your audience, and sometimes, a bit of intuition. While there are tools and tricks that can guide your way, it's essential to ensure that the topic aligns with your channel's niche and resonates with your intended audience.

My journey wasn't without its trial and error, but with these methods in my toolkit, I felt more confident and equipped to navigate the vast world of YouTube content creation.

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