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2 Little Known Tactics to Find Trending Topics for YouTube Automation Videos

1. Use the YouTube Trending Page (Like a Viewer)

Navigating to the YouTube trending page can be done easily either on mobile or desktop. This page acts like a magnifying glass to what's currently gaining traction.

For instance, if you're diving into a niche like Bitcoin or cryptocurrency:

Scroll through and spot if there are any videos in your niche that have made it to the trending list. A video's presence in the trending section signals its current popularity and can be a gold mine for topic ideas.

While it's tempting to jump on every trending topic, coherence is key. A topic like "Paper Mario" may be trending, but if it's irrelevant to your channel's theme, say cryptocurrency, it's best to steer clear.

With sports channels, the opportunity here is vast. Covering trending game outcomes or significant recent events can gain significant traffic since it's what the audience is currently searching for. But that’s just one random example to get you thinking.

2. Leveraging Google Trends

Start by inputting a general term or phrase. For example purposes, let's use "Bitcoin." Then optimize your results for YouTube by selecting "YouTube Search" instead of "Web Search."

Considering the fluidity of trends, it's pivotal to refine your search to a specific duration. For current trends, opt for "Past 7 days" or "Past day". Occasionally, extending to "Past 30 days" can provide a broader perspective, but typically the more recent the better.

Google Trends also offers category-specific results. If you're in the sports niche, there's a category for that. For finance enthusiasts, the finance category provides a more tailored view.

Drilling down within these categories reveals specific topics gathering steam. For instance, under Finance, terms like "Arc invest", "Bitcoin chart analysis", or "Ripple news" could be trending. Dive deeper into each trend to decipher its potential relevance and how it could be adapted to your channel's theme.

Discovering and acting upon trending topics is essential. But remember, while riding the wave of trends is beneficial, consistency in uploading relevant content is crucial.

It's the combination of understanding trends, utilizing keyword strategies, and consistent content that positions your channel for success.

Always keep that in of the best ways to grow a channel with less effort is find the right topics to make videos on. This is 2 ways you can (that most people aren't using - but WORK!).

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