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How to Dropship Amazon to Tiktok Shop

THIS is the EXACT strategy I use to dropship products FROM amazon directly on to tiktok shop…

So, first it’s important to understand if you want to dropship directly to customers on tiktok shop, you NEED to change your shipping settings in the backend of your shop.

To do this go to orders tab and click shipping options.

Click that and that will take you to the page where you can then select the option to use seller shipping.

If you don’t switch and you continue to use tiktok shipping then your customer addresses will be blurred out when you get orders (so you won’t know where to ship them).

But assuming you’ve switched it to seller shipping, you can now dropship directly to your tiktok customers.

You don’t need to hold any inventory yourself b/c you can see their addresses to order to their location (and then you can input the tracking number from your supplier into your tiktok shop order).

Now, it’s also important to understand tiktok’s rules so you can do this properly…

On tiktok shop, you need to ship out in 3 days and your products need to be delivered in under 11 days (assuming you’ve changed your shipping template to use economy shipping).

To do that, go to the same orders tab then click shipping templates this time. And setup your shipping template.

You can select whether you want to charge for shipping or not. And you can choose what shipping options customers will be able to choose when checking out.

This is where you’ll want to pick economy shipping.

That will buy you the most potential time to get your products delivered.

Because the longest shipping time you can have is 11 days I DO NOT RECOMMEND dropshipping from aliexpress or any overseas suppliers.

It’ll result in annoyed customers, canceled orders where you’re losing money, and inevitably a suspended shop when your products aren’t delivered fast enough.

But none of this is a problem for me because I dropship from Amazon on to tiktok shop.

In the beginning I test with Amazon products b/c there’s MILLIONS of product you can choose from that have high quality product pictures and descriptions.

Plus, most higher rated products have AT LEAST a few review videos which means I can test products quickly WITHOUT needing to spend any money or any time creating videos myself.

I’ve talked about how I do this in a video previously:

Now, amazon is great because the shipping time to the customer is often super fast (even without prime).

The quality is good so customers are happy.

And if I ever need to return something I know they’ll honor a refund so I’m never jumping through hoops trying to get my supplier to take a return.

When you are dropshipping from amazon it’s important to understand you CAN’T use amazon prime.

You need to use a normal amazon account with out it….otherwise amazon will suspend your prime privileges for ordering to too many addresses.

Another issue a lot of dropshippers face with both amazon and Walmart is with the tracking numbers.

About 50% of the time you’ll get a ups, usps, or fedex tracking number on your amazon order….and of course, that’s when you just input that tracking number into your tiktok shop order.

BUT, what if you get an amazon tba tracking number instead and you’re now stuck between a rock and hard place….and you have no actual tracking number to input?

Well, track taco is my go to solution for that. It’s a game changer. It’s saved me LITERALLY THOUSANDS of times across dropshipping on facebook marketplace, dropshipping on amazon, dropshipping on Mercari, and now dropshippng on tiktok shop too!

That’s been my secret for a while now for THOUSANDS of transactions across pretty much every marketplace I dropship on.

Finally, the last thing people object to about this is the branded amazon boxes and potential invoices. They usually say “what happens if your customer gets an amazon box and realizes it’s from amazon?”.

But THAT’s a non issue 99% of the time trust me. I covered exactly why that’s the case over my experience with THOUSANDS of dropshipping orders in this video:

Moral of the story: amazon is THE BEST site to test products when you’re starting to dropship on tiktok shop. I can’t recommend it enough (especially for beginniners).

Also, you’re NOT competing on price on tiktok shop, you’re selling directly to customers with your videos. So don’t worry about competing against the $3 products on there. That’s not your competition and those customers aren’t your target buyers.

If you haven't already, make sure you grab the free newsletter on the best current eCom sites to sell on and the best strategies to use on each:

Hope this helps!


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