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Everything I've Learned Selling on Tiktok Shop for 1 Month

A few weeks back, I decided to begin selling on TikTok Shop. I'd heard how crazy sales could be if you found a winning product and paired it with the right page. And since then, the process felt a bit like riding a roller coaster.

One minute, the excitement of setting up a brand-new shop, the next, the thrill of seeing that very first sale notification pop up....some days almost no sales....other days my shop dashboard is popping off and it feels like I've cracked the code to tiktok shop.

As with anything relatively new, it's constantly evolving. But I want to share the simple formula that not only worked for me once, but kept proving itself again and again to launch new tiktok pages, pair them with a shop, and start selling products to tiktok viewers.

1. The Art of Picking a Niche:

Starting out, I learned that choosing a niche isn't purely logical; it's a bit of an art form. I looked for topics that were gaining traction on TikTok. My goal? Find a niche with a range of products, so I had plenty to test and play around with. A word of advice to the beginners: don't stress too much about the perfect niche...especially in the beginning.

You might get lucky and pick the perfect one out of the gate or you might be more like me and it might take a few tries. It's all about experimenting and adapting as you go along. Treat it like a scientist. Every time something doesn't work, learn from it...and that's one more way you know doesn't work going forward. If you approach it like that you can't fail.

2. Sourcing Products:

When it came to product sourcing, Amazon was my go-to. Its vast selection and dependable shipping made it an ideal choice for my testing phase. As I grow, I'll definitely be scouting for more suppliers that offer bulk discounts, better branding, and differentiation that can't be copied...but for a newbie, Amazon is a great starting point.

3. Crafting Engaging Videos:

With my niche and products in hand, my next challenge was creating catchy videos. There's always the traditional method of just editing videos yourself. But if you're looking for a shortcut, tools like GetMunch or Opus Pro can be lifesavers. They quickly transform longer videos into TikTok-friendly shorts, which you can use to create tons of content to post and grow an audience.

In a vacuum of course, creating your own videos or editing videos yourself would be ideal. But I'm also well aware most people will prefer the easy route (myself included when launching a new page and trying to gage the interest level and views I could get). Then, if I prove the concept a bit more, I'll spend some money or time creating videos that are original.

4. Showcasing Products:

Here's where things got even more interesting. For product videos, I initially relied on Amazon's review videos. I used to manually add captions with software like capcut and submagic. I'd also put some trending music paired with the video too. But now with the templates feature on tiktok, I find it easier to just post 1 of each template variation. Some do alright and some don't...but it allows me to test so many more product videos than before (to again - prove the concept).

However, if you've got a bit of a budget and are aiming for higher conversions (or if you've already proven a product to be a winner that gets consistent sales), professional video services like or are worth considering. Their high-quality videos can genuinely make a difference in attracting potential buyers. Plus, no one else will have your videos, which will differentiate you and give you a higher likelihood to get sales with quality uploads.

Now one of the biggest advantages of a TikTok Shop is the magic of subtle product videos. They blend in with regular TikTok content, making viewers feel less like they're being sold to. With the ability to link products in your videos, it allows you to sell WITHOUT being salesy and burning through your follower base.

With the concept proven overall, I'm now buzzing with ideas. Could TikTok ads boost my sales? Would collaborating with affiliates expand my reach? Should I launch more pages and more products and scale horizontally, as well. The possibilities honestly feel endless and I'm really excited about the future of this.

To recap, a thoughtful niche paired with the right audience, reliable product sourcing, and engaging videos – have consistently delivered. While products and videos might be in a different niche than the one you choose, I hope my insights offer a helpful starting point to get you some sales on tiktok shop relatively fast!

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