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Use this PROVEN 4 Step Formula for HOME RUN Tiktok Shop Videos

1.Find a good product and add that product to your shop (or shop showcase if you’re an affiliate)

2.Find a good product video that’s already proven for that product

Tiktok shop will show you how many sales a product has so you can list products that have thousands of sales and are already proven to get sales on the site (you’re not guessing).

Then when you click on a product it’ll literally show you “videos with this product” and you can see which ones are selling that product that have already gone viral.

3.Rewrite their script in your own words (very similarly and keep their 5-10 second hook in the beginning).

You can either do this manually and just listen and write it down…or you can go the lazy route and use a transcribing software (there are a bunch out there that will work – 1 example is descript).

Or you can just download it off titkok, upload it to youtube briefly, and then use any of the free transcribe youtube video sites out there to download the script instantly (just google them – again, there are a bunch).

^ That’s the lazy and free way.

4.Use viralecomadz for high quality b roll to put over top of the voiceover showing that product/it being used.

Just go to the Viralecomadz site

Then order the tiktok split testing package, input the URL of your product after you order, and they’ll email you within 3 business days with 3 different videos showcasing that product (usually with transitions and several different clips showing it edited together well).

Then go to tiktok, upload that b roll clip, and record your voiceover on top of that b roll. BOOM. You’ve got a potential winning video just like that.

You also might want to consider upgrading to the VIP plan so you can get videos supper cheap. Once you do, you pay $50 a month and you can get unlimited videos for under $4 a piece. Crazy!

It’s a game changer for high quality product videos and high quality b roll to showcase your tiktok products.

This works so well because you’re using products that are already selling well so you know there’s a market for them on tiktok already. And you’ve already got proof of concept that someone else is selling them well.

Also, you’re using the same exact rough script that worked for them, which doesn't 100% mean it'll work for you too, but it stacks the odds in your favor.

And you have a much higher likelihood of going viral with a video like this (than if you were to just record one yourself with something that you’re not sure would work).

This is EXACTLY what I do for most of my tiktok product videos and it’s been working really well lately.

Not to mention it’s replicatable and scalable because we now have all the different variables needed to put together a winning tiktok shop product video.

Want to learn how to scale your own tiktok shop or tiktok affiliate page? Grab my Tiktok Shop Udemy Course below.

Hope it helps!


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