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Tiktok Affiliates is BETTER than Tiktok Shop

Tiktok Affiliates is 100x BETTER than Tiktok Shop.


Let’s start with suspensions and points...

Titkok bots have been going willd lately accessing points for pretty much every and any violation they can. And reports of people getting their shops closed are happening more frequently than ever.


But…it doesn’t matter. I’m going to share how you can bypass these suspensions and still make an absolute KILLING on tiktok shops if you’re running into any issues like this.

For starters, to launch a new tiktok shop you need a Social Security number or a Business EIN each time (wihch can limit your ability to create multiple shops….and really makes choosing your niche, your products, and your approach more vital than ever).


And if you don’t see success quickly it can be much tougher to pivot b/c of this.

...or if your shop gets closed for some bs reason, you’ll need to setup an entirely new business and get a new EIN just to open another one.


BUT with tiktok shop affiliates NONE of this is an issue. You don’t need an EIN or a new identity each time. You simply need a different tiktok account (which is MUCH easier to get).


Plus, it’s stupidly easy to grow a tiktok page to the 5,000 follower requirement needed in order to sign up for tiktok affiliates.


The approach that’s been working well for me is to first pick a niche and start a page around something that gets LOTS of views.


Then you want to find some leaders in that niche and repost their content. I’d go hard with the volume here….I personally post 5 videos (simultaneously) a few times a day until the page grows to 5,000 followers.


To get these videos uber quickly I use

It lets you paste in the username of an account and downloadd all their videos without the watermark. Do this with a few of the top accounts you find and you’ll have MORE than enough content to post. I’ve gotten to 5,000 followers in a week doing this before (although usually it takes a few).


As soon as you use their content to get to 5,000…then at that point….stop and apply to become an affiliate. Then once you’re accepted you want to make all the videos private and start either creating your own UGC content or use a company like viralecomadz (I use the tiktok split testing package to get high quality b roll for products).


This tiktok shop AFFILIATE approach is far less risky and more scalable overall because you can scale multiple pages within multiple niches with tons of products much quicker. And you don’t need to be solely attached to one page and one niche.


Plus if for whatever reason your page does run into an issue (which hasn’t happened to me yet - fingers crossed) it’s fine just use another one (you’re EIN# or SSN# isn’t attached to only one).


Another cool little benefit is you can get free products (within that niche). I’ve gotten free vacuums, free preworkout supplements, free electronics (like a brand new tablet), a nice flat screen computer monitor, a light up keyboard, free protein powder, free golf balls and free golf training equipment, etc...


Believe me….my goal is to MAKE MONEY with these affiliate accounts. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say the free products aren’t a MASSIVE benefit too. I’m loving it.


The only catch is that you need to make a video on that product and link it when you receive it within 30 days, but obviously you earn commissions from that video on any sales you make (plus you’ve gotten a free product).


To take it one step further, there’s CRAZZY opportunity to get brand deals and sponsorships with this. Tiktok shop is BLOWING u and more and more brands are realizing that and flooding into the space.


That means almost every brand is desperate at the moment to find influencers and niche pages that will make videos on their products.


So not only do you get free products and $$ when you sell something, but you also have the ability to sign brand deals for up front payments.


Now, full disclosure I haven’t done this myself yet on tiktok….but I follow a lot of people on IG and twitter that talk about this and how it’s blowing up right now.


It seems like every sarah, megan, and molly is a UGC content creator now. And hey, I’m not hating on it…I want to join the party.


Finally, while one might think there’s less opportunity with shop affiliates since your commissions are often lower than the profit margin you’d earn if you started your own shop and sold products directly…..the truth is it’s a lot easier to get started and you can (in most cases) earn more.


You can sell products that are already PROVEN. Just work solely with the products that are getting thousands of sales already….and it’s much easier to earn commissions because you know customers want them.

PLus you can search tiktok and find videos already made on those products that have BLOWN UP recently and just remake them slightly differently in your own way (which is the exact approach I’ve been using lately and has been working pretty well).


Like I always say, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You can sell proven products with proven video scripts and formats….which drastically increases the likelihood you’ll see success.

To me it’s a no brainer. This GENUINELY feels like a hack right now, but it wont be around forever. So hop on this now.

And if you'd like a crash course on Tiktok Shop you can enroll in my Udemy Course on it here: How to Sell on Tiktok Shop (The Future of eCommerce)

Hope this helps…


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