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Tiktok Shops Just Leveled the Playing Field between Small Sellers and Big Brands

Imagine being one of the first sellers on Amazon, riding that incredible wave of opportunity. Now, hold onto that thought because TikTok Shops is the new frontier, and it’s bursting with potential! I’ve seen firsthand just how big this can get — we’re talking about scaling up to heights that can transform your side hustle into your main hustle, almost overnight....all by just posting videos to tiktok.

In just a short time, I’ve watched my TikTok Shop sales consistently increase and the views my shop videos are getting, as well as the sales keep climbing.

And guess what? You don’t need to be TikTok-famous or have a warehouse full of goods to make it happen.

Let's say you've got a small setup, no big brand backing you, and you're not splashing cash on most of us.....well, none of that is a deal-breaker. TikTok Shops is like the great equalizer for David's competing with Goliaths in the online marketplace.

All you really need is a cool product that people want or that solves a problem for a specific niche group of people, some engaging videos showing off what it does and how it works....and some trial and error.

TikTok's algorithm is like that friend who sets you up on a date—it does the matchmaking with customers for you. You can just focus on testing different products until you find one that hits....and posting videos.

Originally, I had to find products by adding what I thought would sell to my shop....and then posting videos about them to see if it would actually lead to paying customers....but I don't need to really do that anymore.

With new tools popping up that help you spot what products are selling right on TikTok, this initial trior and error phase is easier than ever.

One such software called Kalodata, lets you search what’s hot in the TikTok marketplace within specific niches (right down to how many sales each product is getting, who's the page selling it, and whether or not they're selling with lives or videos.

That will give you ideas on what types of products people in your niche aren't just giving views to....but are ACTUALLY purchasing. Then you can list products like them and you'll be a step further already in your "testing phase".

Once you've got a product, it's time to get it listed on your TikTok Shop. Trust me, don't overthink it. Use the supplier’s pics, keep titles snappy and descriptions brief. The key? Make it so simple that a quick glance tells shoppers what they need to know.

Tiktok viewers are moving at a fast pace...their decision to watch a video and purchase a product are often split second decisions. Make sure they understand what the product a split second. Don't overcomlicate it (in the product listing on your shop, but also in the title of the link - when you post your video).

As for making the product videos them selves, this is what works best for me....

At first, I was all about that DIY approach, but my vids were kind of...meh. It wasn't until I invested in professional video creation that things really started to take off.

And getting those slick, pro videos was cheaper than I thought, thanks to Viral Ecom Ads. Just hand them the product details, and boom, in three days you've got TikTok-ready videos. You can buy their tiktok package and get 3 videos for just $50....or you can join the VIP program if you plan to order more and then the cost of videos REALLY gets cheap for videos that have a higher likelihood of getting sales (assuming your product/audience fit is right of course - but we already covered how you can ensure that).

Posting regularly is also super important. I aim for five videos a day and not all end up hitting of course, but sometimes one will take off and lead to sales. It’s about steady posting, quality content, and the magic of TikTok’s reach.

Furthermore, you don't need THAT many product videos for each product in the beginning either. B/c you should be cycling through different products....and different variations of product videos. That will allow you to test new products, sell proven products, AND not need 100 video variations for every product to succeed (all WITHOUT fatiguing your audience with the same few product videos over and over again).

When it comes to Tiktok Shop, here's the truth...You don't need fame, a flashy store, or a fat wallet for ads to start selling on TikTok Shops.

The platform's reach does the heavy lifting, turning every view into a potential sale. And with the ability to link your products directly in your TikTok videos? It's can be a eCommerce gold mine!

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