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The Easiest Way to Make Tiktok Shop Affiliate Sales

So, once you sign up for Tiktok Shop Affiliates...what videos do you post? How do you pick products that will get sales? And how can you go about getting started?

Here’s a stupidly simple strategy that’s been working well for me lately…

1.Add related products to your pages shop showcase by simply searching TikTok shop and seeing what’s there (you can use related keywords to your niche, you can search the categories, or you can just browse around….chances are there’s plenty of related products already up you can promote (but only you’ll know what to search for since every niche is different).

2.Then Take screenshots of the images of the products you add (literally….taht’s all you need to do – rememer this is a simple strategy in the beginning to just get you some easy sales and prove the concept). TRUST ME…it’s simple…but it does work!

3.Upload those photos to TikTok but use the templates feature to create dozens of video variations of each product. Post those template videos to your page…along with other entertainment videos. (but make sure to not use the music they give you in them). Use the gary vee jab jab jab right hook strategy with these and go for the volume approach. Every few videos or so…throw a template tiktok shop product video in there…and when some inevitably hit, you’ll make some $$ for it! (assuming of course, you’re promoting products that people following your page are interested in). Make sure you’re not just picking a few….test a bunch of different related products.

4. Make sure to change out the music that's suggested to you to a commercial sound. You could also add some graphics or text to make the video more engaging.

5. Collect the affiliate commission.

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