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Poshmark Dropshipping is EXPLODING right now

Dropshipping on poshmark has been absolutely EXPLODING as of late.

I’ve been dropshipping on poshmark for about 2 years now…and ever since I scaled it up, I’ve been averaging almost $1,000 profit every month on the platform.

But since the start of September (with Q4 demand approaching), my poshmark sales have pretty much doubled.

Now, will $2,000 a month make you a millionaire? No.

But, that amount of money can be life changing for A LOT of people.

In todays’ article I’m going to break down how to PROPERLY dropship on poshmark, as well as give you my entire formula on how I approach this (literally from a to z) so you can replicate exactly what I’m doing (and hopefully get similar results).

The great thing about poshmark is a lot of it can be automated with software.

And just like dropshipping anywhere else, you don’t need to purchase large sums of inventory ahead of time. You ONLY have to purchase products AFTER you get a sale…and AFTER you’re guaranteed to profit. And You can leverage other people logics and inventory.

The main issue with dropshipping on poshmark is that to be successful long term you need to use their shipping labels. This is both a drawback, but also a benefit.

Unlike dropshipping on other sites, you can’t simply facilitate the transaction remotely (by ordering it directly to the customer and then giving them the tracking number).

You need to order it to yourself first….then use the poshmark label (and either drop it off at your local post office, in one of those blue bins, or have your mailman take it).

And yes…that adds another step in the process (and it adds your time to the equation).

BUT, because of this added step, the dropshipping competition on this website is extremely low.

And you can rake in the sales simply b/c you’re competing against resellers who need to have all their inventory on hand FIRST, where as you can list thousands of things from other websites (you don’t have).

Now, before I give you my exact formula to success for this…I want to make sure that you understand technically dropshipping on poshmark IS against their terms of service. You’re not supposed to dropship on the platform.

Although, since we’re using poshmark labels we won’t run into any issues...and we’re somewhat abiding by their platform rules (which is to ship out the product from your location yourself with the poshmark label).

Step 1 is to list LOTS of products.

Whenever I say this, I get inevitably get people that message me and say they’ve listed 50 things and gotten no sales.

LIST LOTS. It’s really simple. No matter the platform when you’re retail dropshipping and there’s 0 cost for you to list something…..then list as much as you can.

The more products you have up, the more fishing poles you’ll have in the water…..and the more fish you’ll catch.

It’s not complicated and I’m not special. I just list more than most people. That’s all.

You can list from websites like amazon (using prime), Walmart (using Walmart +), or really any other website (or store) that you can have the product in hand in 2-3 days.

Poshmark gives you 3 days to ship the product out (and then they actually give you a few days after that too once your 3 days is up). But as a rule of thumb, list products that you can have in hand within 2-3 days max.

That’s why I suggest amazon prime and Walmart + (b/c there’s millions of products you can list that are high quality, with good pictures and descriptions, that can ship to you fast).

When you list them, you want to make sure you mark them up a decent amount b/c unlike other platforms, poshmark fees are relatively high (in fact they’re the highest of any retail website I believe).

I typically mark my products up about 60-75% on poshmark….and yes…I still get plenty of sales.

I do this by using a software called zeedrop.

^ Use Code GUERRA for a discount

Zeedrop copies products from websites like amazon, Walmart, and dozens of others….to poshmark in seconds.

It’ll copy the title, description, and well as mark your price up a set % so when you make a sale (you can keep the difference and make money).

There’s 2 ways I’m able to pump out hundreds of poshmark listings every day.

1) I use the bulk feature on zeedrop – which basically lets you add dozens of products to the que….and then the software will literally list them all for you while you’re doing something else.

Then all you have to do is come back to the computer, edit a few things, and publish the listings.

It’s a game changer for dropshipping anywhere and it’ll save you sooo much time.

2) I have virtual assistants that list for me for a little as $2 an hour.

You can hire virtual assistants from many places (like facebook groups, upwork, fiverr, and

And since the cost of living in their country is significantly lower $2 an hour to list products can be an extremely desirable job.

Not only is that a livable wage in some countries (like the Philippines for example), but they also get to work from home on their computer with their families. And obviously you can hire someone profitably to list for you so it’s a win win.

Now that you’re able to list LOTs of products fast (whether that’s with the bulk lister on zeedrop…or a VA….or a combination of both), you’re ready for the next step.

Obviously, you want to continue listing products daily, but step 2 is to download a google chrome extension called “simple posher."

I’ve been recommending this $10 extension for years (even back when I was a reseller).

It works great and for the price you can’t compete with the results it will bring you. Trust me when I say you won’t do very well on poshmark without it

Basically what it does is share listings automatically. On poshmark, it’s very much a share for share culture….BUT NO ONE has time to sit there and share manually every second of every day.

BUT your share bot does.

I use it many ways, but the 2 most effective ways I use it are to share my closet and to share from parties.

By sharing my closet listings, not only does it put my listings in my followers feeds….but it also ranks my products higher b/c the way poshmark ranks products in search results is by newest listed. And when you share a product, that counts as editing and relisiting it….which will rank your products higher compared to everyone esle's.

So, for example if someone searches google or poshmark for “white wool gloves”….and you’ve just recently shared your white gloves, your product will rank higher than all the other white gloves that haven’t been shared recently.

It’s a game changer…and It’ll increase your sales a lot if you do it consistently.

By sharing from parties, I know that those people will come back to my closet to share a product or two back (simply due to the law of reciprocity). And they might see something they like….and buy it.

Both of these techniques have served me well for years on the platform. Try them out for yourself and they’ll work for you.

Finally step 3 is to collect the sales and rinse and repeat.

When a sale comes in on poshmark, you want to order that product to your house first & print out the label. I use usually write on the label what product it corresponds with when I print it.

That way I know when “white wool gloves” show up at my door….they get shipped out with the poshmark label that reads “white wool gloves." It’s really simple, but it’s effective.

And that’s my simple 3 step process for success dropshipping on poshmark.

If you'd like to watch the complete video explanation of this, check it out below.

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