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How to Start Dropshipping with No Money and No Experience

Suppose you want to start an online business like dropshipping, but you don’t have any money or any experience. Let's break down the formula you can follow...

Dropshipping is a business model where you facilitate the sale of a product from a supplier to a customer.

Basically, you act as a middle man connecting the two together and you mark the product’s price up to keep a little extra for yourself.

Dropshipping is a phenomenal business model because you don’t need to spend any money to buy products in bulk ahead of time, you don’t need a warehouse or storage facility because you’ll never store or touch the products yourself, and it can be done from pretty much anywhere.

There a many suppliers you can use and there are many marketplaces you can dropship products on.

Here’s why you don’t need any money to start...

Even though you have to spend money on products to send to the customer before they get delivered to the buyers and you actually get paid out from most marketplaces…

  1. It’s much less risky b/c you ONLY have to spend money AFTER you get a sale at a profit….so you ONLY spend money when you’re guaranteed to profit. Then it’s simply a waiting game to multiply your cost of goods and to recoup more money.

  2. You can also easily leverage a credit cards to buy products so you don’t actually need any up front cash. In fact, I actually recommend this to most people (assuming you can be somewhat responsible and make sure you’re keeping a portion of your profits to pay off your card balances).

The reason using credit cards is so effective is because...

  1. You don’t need any up front cash to scale this business like we just covered

  2. More importantly, you can use cashback credit cards on lots of suppliers where you can earn up to 5% cashback (for purchases you already have to make any way). This is how I’m able to get thousands of $1,000+ in free cashback most months simply from using cashback credit cards on purchases I would have had to make for this business anyway.

I highly recommend the amazon store card, the Walmart store card, & the eBay store card. All of these give 5% cashback on ALL purchases on their website. And they’re all great reliable suppliers to use for dropshipping too.

On top of store cards, it’s also smart to use a cashback credit that gives you cashback on all purchases everywhere. That way you don’t solely have to use it at one store in particular.

There are many of them out there that can offer around 2% cashback so feel free to look into some options. I personally recommend the Discover It Card for most beginners because it good offers cashback on all purchases and pretty much anyone can get accepted for it. I use this card in my own dropshipping business too.

So, now that we’ve covered how to start with no money….let’s touch on how you can get started with no experience.

With all information and software out there today, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to start a profitable online business like dropshipping. You just need to know what software to use and what direction to be pointed in.

I personally use a number of softwares out there, but the easiest one that you can get started with is called Zeedrop (use code GUERRA for a discount).

Zeedrop (use code GUERRA for a discount) is a software that will copy products from hundreds of websites all over the internet to dozens of marketplaces for you with a click of a button. It'll automatically copy the product picture, title, description, and also then mark the price up for you automatically.

You can build a six figure drop shipping business on a variety of websites just using that copy paste software alone.

If you're interested in more tutorials on how to use Zeedrop and how you can build your own 6 figure dropshipping business, checkout my YouTube Channel Here. It's all there completely free.

If you'd like to watch the complete video explanation of this, check it out below.

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