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How to Get Free Amazon Products Every Day

This article is going to show you how you can get FREE amazon products EVERY DAY.

In fact, using this helped me have my first 6 figure year as an entrepreneur.

Basically, at the time, I would use THIS method to resell these products back on Amazon. And since, I was getting them for free….my profit was 100%.

I would literally get 100s of products delivered to my parents house every week, unbox them in their basement, and then turn around and ship them right back into amazon to sell for a high profit.

Now, full disclosure, you can’t do this anymore on Amazon. If you do try this, your amazon account will get suspended due to Intellectual property and copyright infringement.

BUT……you CAN either keep these products for yourself (f you think they’re cool) or can sell them back on other marketplaces (as long as it’s not amazon).

Some of the marketplaces you can see a lot of success with this on include: facebook marketplace, poshmark, mercari, ebay, and offerup. But honestly you can sell these anywhere on any marketplace

….because again, you’re getting these products for free. So that means your profit will be 100% if/when they sell.

So, you’re probably asking yourself if this is actually real…..then why? Why would an amazon seller give their product away for free.

The path to ranking a brand new amazon product as a seller is a long one, a potentially expensive one, and requires lots of reviews and organic sales. This business model is known as Private Labeling.

This is where you come in….the “freebie” getter.

See, the amazon seller that’s giving you the product away for free gets…

  1. An organic sale

  2. And hopefully a review (which is NOT necessary to get these free products)

Both of these things help amazon’s algorithm slowly recognize their product as a more and more successful. As they get more sales and more reviews, their product begins to gain more visibility and popularity on the site……which ultimately will mean more sales in the future. It's a short term investment in the beginning they hope will turn into exponential long term sales.

And YOU get a free product. It’s a win win.

Click the video below for a detailed list of the best Cashback Websites and how you can find free products to resell.

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