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How to Create Multiple Tiktok Shops (to Sell in Different Niches and Scale Faster)

How many tiktok shops are you allowed to open? A valid question….since not many people or resources seem to cover this.

But through my experience of applying to several and getting accepted here’s what I’ve found…

You can have 1 tiktok shop per Social Security Number (or identification number – I’m assuming if you live in another country … just like on the US tiktok shop).

And you can have 1 titkok shop per EIN number. So Yes you can have multiple shops if you have multiple EINs.

Or multiple if you file for one under your personal social security number….and one under your business EIN number.

Although, filing for one under your personal social security number would require you to then pay income taxes on all your profit….where as if you signed up for one using your Business EIN, you would potentially have the advantage of your business earning that revenue…and not necessarily responsible for it all under your personal income tax.

I don’t want to get too complicated with that explanation b/c it’s obviously going to depend on your business setup….AND that’s a good problem to have (if you’re making good money of course). But I wanted to add that just so I’m sure to outline the benefits of signing up for one using an EIN.

When I was scaling facebook marketplace…I used to have a Facebook Shop under my Social Security number personally…and because of that I paid A LOT more in taxes that I would have had to if my business was registered on it instead.

 To get multiple EINs you can…

Go to IRS(dot)gov

File for a business EIN (it doesn’t matter if you have an LLC or if you file as a sole proprietor).

Then obviously if you wanted an additional one, you would need another LLC.

Keep in mind though that doing this, while an advantage because you get multiple shops….can complicate your taxes b/c you’ll have to keep track of…and file taxes for multiple businesses. Just a heads up.

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