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How I EXPLODED a New Tiktok Shop WITHOUT Any Followers

I stumbled upon a formula that transformed my TikTok shop overnight! No, it's not magic, and I'm certainly no celebrity with a massive following....but this is exactly how you can boost your tiktok page......and in turn your tiktok shop sales without much effort whatsoever.

1. Finding Your Niche: Whether it's the latest sports new, wood carving, sewing, or bird watching, it's important to pick something that you're already passionate about. It also can't be super broad. It needs to be somewhat specific enough so that when you post videos on it consistently Tiktok's algorithm will be able to categorize your page and understand what topics your videos are it can start serving them to the right people with that interest.

For my most recent shop, I chose Golf because I'm interested in it, I know there's plenty of content I can make around it.....and let's be honest, golfers will spend ANY AMOUNT of money if they think it'll help lower their score.

2. Do Your Homework: Once I knew my niche, I went on a TikTok spree. I looked for creators who were doing a smashing job in the same field.

And here's the not so secret secret. You don't have to start from scratch. These creators have already discovered what works. By observing them, I cut down my research time in half. And I could replicate what was already working.

3. Game Changer - Use This website let me see which videos were super popular from these creators by simply pasting their username into the search bar. From there, I could choose to:

  1. Download the popular videos, re-write their scripts and overall message, but give them my own personal touch (understanding that if another creator has already succeeded with a video just like this, there's a higher likelihood of mine doing well with that same audience too - assuming it's pretty similar).

  2. Or, play the volume game and download all their videos (without the watermark on them) instantly. By simply clicking "download all videos" from that page on the website. They then send you an email with a link to download all the videos which you can repost A LOT faster than it would take you to create hundreds of videos yourself. And a few of these are bound to take off if you pick the right page.

4. Link your products in your videos: With my treasure trove of new videos to post, it was time to spotlight my shop's products so viewers that saw those videos could potentially purchase.

I made a few versions for each product so my viewers wouldn’t get bored seeing the same thing. You can use the templates feature on tiktok to do this easily, you can create your own videos if you're a creative person that's good at it, or you can outsource this to a site like bandsoffads or viralecomads (for some high quality product videos).

The best part about linking your tiktok shop products in every video? Tiktok is promoting the HECK out of these videos now. Because they have a vested interest in growing tiktok shops, introducing the feature to new viewers, and growing the awareness of their viewer/customer base......they're currently giving added boosts to videos that have tiktok shop products linked in them.

That means if you posted the same exact video at the same time on the same account, but one video has a tiktok shop product'll get more visibility and push simply because tiktok is trying to push this feature more. Take advantage of that NOW before the added boost goes away.

5. Stay Active and Engage: The secret sauce = Consistency!

Every day, I share fun and engaging videos with shop products linked. Not every one does well of course, but some do end up getting pretty decent pushes...and those are typically the ones that drive sales.

You also want to replicate what's working. If a video does well, look at the hook (first 5 seconds or so), look at the analytics, and try to dissect why it did well so you can replicate those results again with your next videos.

And finally, try to reach out to new potential affiliates in your niche every day too. Sure, you'll have to entice them to try your product and promote it with a free sample. But there's literally no easier way to scale a shop on tiktok than finding the right affiliates to promote your products FOR YOU.

That's the formula....hope it helps!

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