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Facebook Marketplace is Evolving - Here's What You Can Do

Dropshipping on Facebook marketplace is evolving…and if you want to continue to crush it on the platform, you need to evolve with it (and stay ahead of the curve).

In this article we’re going to talk about exactly how you can do that.

In the beginning you could simply copy pretty much any product from any supplier…mark it up a bit….and get loads of sales. But that’s not as effective anymore.

There’s more competition on marketplace now (not just from other dropshippers, but from other 3rd party resellers, and from other big brands and stores as well).

It’s no longer enough to simply copy products word for word and use the same exact pictures from a retail supplier, then mark them up.

Don’t get me wrong, this can still get you some sales. But you won’t see exponential sales (like you used to in the beginning) simply using this method.

The reality is pretty much everyone that dropships is doing that.

And a combination of increasingly wise customers, along with more people listing these same products (with the same pictures and same titles), will ultimately result in slower sales if you’re SOLELY relying on this method.

It might not happen today….might not happen next month…but the writing is certainly on the wall.

Instead, you need to treat this like an actual business moving forward. I’m not saying you can’t list products from popular retail suppliers, but you need to figure out how you can IMPROVE your listings and your offer to the customer.

Simply copying what is easily available to everyone else is a recipe for only short success and short term profit.

Instead, you need to find other suppliers to use that not many other people are using

You need new ways to differentiate your listings, make them stand out, and convert customers.

And you need to figure out innovative ways to add value to your offers and listings that other people aren’t yet doing.

An easy example of this would be bundling products. Instead of listing a portable shovel from Amazon for example…that might cost you $19.99. Why not bundle that shovel with something like gloves…or salt to melt ice…or something else the buyer might also need that helps solve the same problem.

That way your listing is extremely hard to replicate by other dropshippers. And by bundling items, you’re also increasing the cart value of your Amazon order to make sure your cost of goods is less than it would be separately (because you won’t need to pay for shipping anymore since it’s now over $25).

This is a win win for you and the customer.

You can make more of a profit…and they get 2 items that solve their problem, while that bundle price is also reflected in the amount you’re up-charging them too.

Another example of a new innovative strategy you can use is by going to TikTok and looking for hot selling dropship products there (or products that are already trending there).

You can find hot selling products or cool products in general by finding accounts that curate these products and then try to push you to affiliate links (there are bunch of them just search around).

Or by searching hashtags like “tiktokmademebuyit”, “amazonfinds”, “coolgadgets”, “lifehack”, etc....

Or by scrolling your feed and simply seeing what ads are suggested to you. If the ad has lots of views and lots of engagement, it’s probably working well and that product is selling.

The majority of the products you’ll find with these tactics are being dropshipped via Shopify.

So you know there’s a market for them, the competitors already dropshipping these products most likely aren’t even on the marketplace you plan to sell them on (facebook marketplace), and now you have video content and video ads you can put on your Facebook listings to help you convert more customers.

Not only will a good video ad help you sell more of that product, but it’s also a really easy way to differentiate your listing from all the other ones. And practically NO ONE Is doing this right now.

Once you’ve been dropshipping for a while and you have some proven winners that are selling over and over again, you want to start running ads on those products too.

Test Running ads on your proven products to potentially turn them into long term winners that pump out many sales daily.

You want to use the price per conversion objective and let Facebook optimize for sales on that product. You don’t want to simply set a daily budget.

This tends to work extremely well if there’s a market for that product already (and you know that’s the case if it’s been selling well for you organically).

This strategy is so powerful because Facebook already has sales and past buyers for this product. That means when you choose price per sale conversion when running ads to it, the pixel will optimize and get better and better at finding other buyers like that.

Finally, you should always be thinking “What can I do to differentiate and gain a competitive advantage that would be extremely difficult to replicate for competitors?”

This is smart to do in any business, of course.

Don’t just settle for listing products from sites like Amazon because while that might work for the time being….it won’t forever.

If you'd like to watch the complete video explanation of this, check it out below.

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