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Dropshipping Would be Impossible Without This

One of the biggest issues you’ll face as a dropshipper is helping customers track their orders.

When a customer can track their order properly…

  • they’ll have a much better experience with your store (which will help improve your ratings and metrics)

  • the transaction will run much smoother without them reporting it to the website, your payment processor, or to their credit card

  • and you’ll get paid out much faster

All of this will improve your profit, increase your store’s social proof (and win your more future sales), and shorten the time it takes for you to collect that cash back into your business.

BUT, what happens if you receive a tracking number from your supplier that you can’t give to the customer?

This happens all the time. It’s something you’ll face whether you dropship on Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, Mercari, eBay….and a number of other places.

So, today I want to cover game changing tool that’s been instrumental in my dropshipping business.

It allows me to convert pretty much ANY tracking number….to a TRACKABLE UPS, Fedex, or USPS tracking number….I can then give to the customer.

Not only that, the tracking number I convert it to is even going to that customers city & state… and is being delivered on the same date their untrackable package is.

This service is called track taco.

I personally use track taco EVERY SINGLE DAY in my own dropshipping business.

It’s saved me in so many ways and I can’t recommend it enough.

The main two ways It’ll help you are…

  1. When you need to input a ups or fedex tracking number, but you only have a tracking number from a supplier that you can't input into your order.

You’ll see this for example if you dropship on facebook marketplace from a supplier like amazon. Let’s say you get an Amazon TBA tracking number….you clearly can’t input that into Facebook to get paid so this allows you to convert that into one that does.

Another supplier you might face this issue with is Walmart. Walmart is known to use doordash to deliver some orders and they don’t give you a tracking number for that. Again,this solves that problem.

2. When a product is out of stock on your suppliers website

This happens ALL THE TIME when you dropship. And typically, you don’t want to cancel orders b/c no matter the platform….too many canceled orders can result in bad metrics which puts your account at risk. Again, track taco solves this problem for you.

You can use it to generate a REAL tracking number to that customer’s city and state in the coming days. Then when they contact you, simply refund their order and apologize.

Explain that fedex, ups, or the post office must’ve lost the package somehow, but you’re on the phone with them right now trying to get an answer.

Most customers are so relieved that they didn’t get “scammed” when their package isn’t there….that they actually thank you for helping and agree that carriers lose packages all the time.

And on top of that, it still looks legit to the website you dropship on b/c the tracking number is actually going to that customer’s city and state.

Now, that’s only a few examples of how track taco can help your dropshipping business. There are literally dozens.

If you buy the lowest package (100 tracking numbers for $25), that’s only 25 cents a tracking number.

Which is a no brainer…and it’s completely worth spending 25 cents to keep your customer happy and make sure you get paid out for that order.

And trust me….you DON’T want to have to finesse customer after customer through messages constantly…. and come up with another excuse as to why they can’t track their package.

It’s soooo much easier to just use track taco and generate one that they can track. Plus, they’ll have piece of mind.

So, I really hope this helps. It’s a no brainer for ALL dropshippers out there.

If you'd like to watch the complete video explanation of this, check it out below.

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