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6 Quick Adjustments that Will Increase Your Dropshipping Sales

There’s a point every dropshipper's journey when they realize “ok this works”….concept proven. But now it’s time to scale.

So in this article we’re going to cover 6 things that will increase your dropshipping sales TODAY…and make you more money

The first thing you can do is diversify websites (both the sites you source from and the sites you list on). By sourcing from different sites than most other people are, you can find hot products that no one else is selling. And then you’ll have next to no competition on those products for a longer period of time.

I did two videos specifically on this fairly recently. They're both linked for you below.

Once you’ve got one dropshipping platform down, it’s also a no-brainer to branch out to others. By diversifying the sites that you list on, you have a higher likelihood to make more sales. Because not everyone buys frequently on the same websites. And different buyers are on different sites.

You can use a cross listing software (like list perfectly for example) To list to over a dozen websites with a click on the button. That will give you more exposure on all your products and definitely leads more sales.

Some of my top sellers on Facebook marketplace never sale on Amazon. Some of my best sellers on Mercari never sale on poshmark. And there are so many examples of this from site to site.

The next thing you can do is get a resellers permit so you can become tax exempt on your suppliers. This will prevent you from paying sales tax (since you’re not the end consumer) which will increase your profit margins on every single sale.

Another thing you can do is use software when available rather than doing everything manually. If your drop shipping on an established platform, chances are somebody else has already created a software to solve or streamline a certain problem you might be facing.

There’s too many examples of this to list. So, if you drop shipping on a specific platform, I recommend checking out the playlist on the channel associated with it.

I cover countless software examples for each platform that make succeeding on them so much easier.

Perhaps the best thing you can do to increase your dropshipping sales fast, is to mimic what’s already ALREADY working on that site. For instance, if you’re selling on facebook marketplace, you might want to do some product research to snipe other dropshippers best sellers. There are many proven ways to do this.

If you’re selling on etsy, you might want to see what designs are ALREADY selling on the platform and create similar designs that are inspired by those.

That way, whatever the site, you’re basing what you list off things that are PROVEN to already do well there….and you’re not just guessing. It’s simple, but not everyone puts it into practice.

I’ve also said countless times one of the best things I did last year was master outsourcing. And it’s one of the easiest ways to increase your dropshipping sales. If you’re at a point where you’re already doing somewhat well, the problem and bottleneck in your business is most likely you.

…you can only do so much yourself. And no matter how proficient you are…you’ll never outwork multiple people on your own. So, you’re better off hiring VAs to do specific things for you.

That will free up your time so you can focus on new ways to scale (for example – some of the other things in this list)….or more R&D to try and get a leg up on your competition and implement something no one else is doing yet.

No matter the type of business (or site you’re selling on) learning how to profitably outsource can be the gasoline you need to ignite your business to the next level.

And finally the easiest thing you can do is simply raise your prices. There’s a common misconception out there that if you increase your prices, your sales will go down.

But this isn’t always the case (unless you specifically list to Amazon) b/c there the same products share a listing and price always matters.

But if that’s not you, often raising your prices makes a lot of sense b/c you can make more profit on each sale (which can potentially allow you to bring on another VA to scale even more). ….or at the very least make the same profit on less sales and do less work for the same money

This isn’t always the answer, but it certainly something you should consider.

So there you have it. 6 Quick Things You can do to increase your dropshipping sales today and make more money.

If you'd like to watch the complete video explanation of this, check it out below.

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