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3 Revolutionary Methods to Create Winning Product Videos for Tiktok Shops

You've heard about the how massive an opportunity selling on tiktok shops and promoting products via tiktok shop affiliates the world of eCommerce right now. But how do you actually create winning product videos that sell?

What if you could turn a simple picture into a captivating TikTok video that sells your product? Thus removing the complexity and time it takes to create lots of high quality videos?

What if you could have professionals make videos that sell FOR YOU....complete with graphics, transitions, and trending sounds? ....WITHOUT breaking the bank.

What if you could tap into cutting-edge AI technology to produce content effortlessly? With one click!

Well, you can. And these are 3 Revolutionary Methods to I've found through trial and error to Create Winning Product Videos that sell products on tiktok shop (whether you're an affiliate...or selling your own products).

1. Transforming Pictures into Engaging Videos with TikTok Templates

The beauty of TikTok Shop lies in its simplicity.

The first step is to browse TikTok Shop, pinpointing products that align with your niche and page's theme.

This initial selection is crucial – it sets the stage for the kind of content you'll create. Videos certainly matter (of course!), but the most important thing is the product. Nail that...and the rest is so much easier.

The next step is to simply take a screen shot of each product  you've found...and then add them to your shop. If you're selling your own products already...this will be even easier.

These images formed the raw material for your videos.

Next, upload these photos to TikTok, using its templates feature. Now that you can upload photos to tiktok too...this makes video creation a lot easier....once uploaded....use the templates feature to generate multiple video variations for each product.

Make sure to add some catchy commercial music, an engaging caption, and some on-screen text to increase viewer retention....and link your product.

This is a simple, yet effective approach. The video quality isn't necessarily as high quality as if you outsourced it...or spent lots of time creating your self of course....but the time saved in this easy volume approach makes it BEYOND easy to test a bunch of different products quickly and effortlessly to see what actually hits with your audience.

THEN...once you've figured out which products work that point you can move on to the next method....

2. Buying Professional-Quality Videos

Recognizing that TikTok's competitive landscape resembles YouTube...and it's now a lot harder to compete consistently without good content....I turned to Viral Ecom Ads for professional video production.

Viral Ecom Ads specialize in creating high-quality videos that showcase products in innovative ways.

While some might hesitate at the thought of paying for videos, this investment is pivotal for success in TikTok's competitive environment.

And you might think this would cost you an arm and a leg...but you can buy videos for around $10 each, or even less with their VIP program if you plan to order a bunch.

Furthermore, you don't need as many videos as you think you would b/c you can cycle through videos and repost each multiple times (NO ONE follows you that closely TRUST ME). And as you start to see which ones do well you can order more variations of that product with postiive ROI....and phase out videos and products that don't.

The process of ordering from this site is straightforward – You provide your product details and the product's URL, and within days you'll receive an email with a drive link to download your engaging videos (ready to upload).

This approach significantly boosted my TikTok shop's growth, enhancing both my video quality and sales.

Check out Viral Ecom Ads if you're ready to take your shop sales to the next level:

3. The third method is like stepping into the future of automated video production with the new AI tool Boolv Video.

I covered this tool in depth in a recent video:

But essentially the software AUTOMATICALLY generates high-quality videos, complete music, transitions, and effects.

All you have to do is give it pictures of the product and some info (be it product details or what problems it solves)....and BAM! It makes several variations of product videos you can download instantly.

The era we live in is truly remarkable, with technologies like Boolv video revolutionizing how we approach content creation for TikTok Shops (and really eCommerce in general).

Remember, the key to unlocking the full potential of your TikTok Shop lies in your creativity and willingness to experiment with these tools.

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