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10 Unusual Dropshipping Products I NEVER Thought Would Sell Well

You can really dropship anything. And in this video we’re going to cover 10 unusual dropshipping products I NEVER thought would sell…but turned out to be some of my best sellers ever.

This also goes to show you that yes, product research methods are super important, but sometimes the best products aren’t super obvious (and it can pay to take some shots in the dark)...even if you don’t think it’ll sell, list it anyway. What do you have to lose?

Product #1 - Buffet Server

So the first product is one that sold for me AT LEAST 100 times on Poshmark. What tends to do well on Poshmark is typically clothing. And Products like this rarely do.

  1. Because it’s not clothing

  2. Because it’s large & you’re actually supposed to pay for a label upgrade which cuts into your profit as a seller

But for some reason this one did. You can source this product around $70. I would double the price. Which meant after Poshmark fees, my margins would be $30+ (even after some offers). I’ve also since cross listed products like this everywhere (and gotten some sales), but for whatever reason this product TOOK OFF during Q4 last year. And I made a killing on it!

Product #2 - Walking Magnet

We recently got our roof redone and I only became aware this product after doing so. Anyone who’s had their roof redone will find out that most contractors aren’t necessarily the best at cleaning up after the job.

Ours ripped out all the old nails from the original roof and threw them all over our yard. And since we have a dog (& I obviously didn’t want her to get her to get one in her foot), I had to figure out how to find them all in the grass & pick them up.

Enter this product as the solution. It’s a heavy duty magnet on wheels that you can wheel around your yard and any nails laying in the grass stick to it! After reading review after review on this product, I found out pretty much everyone who has the roof done runs into this issue...which is why I chose to list it , and it didn’t disappoint. It’s been selling pretty consistently since.

This is a pretty serious pain point as well (for anyone that has kids or dog). Which means a mark up in price isn’t their first priority which is good for dropshippers. They simply want something that works and they want the problem solved fast, which is always a recipe for success.

Product #3 - Car Parts

This next product represents my best selling category ever. You would think someone in the market for expensive car parts would do more research and easily be able to find price differences from website the website….or maybe go to their local mechanic?

But trust me when I say, that’s NOT always the case (and I have no clue why)!

For some reason ALL car parts do well (especially on Facebook marketplace). I’ve sold headlights, taillights, bumpers, replacement hoods, you name it. If it’s a car part, I’ve marked it up significantly and drop shipped it. Not only do these so well, but you can make a lot of money on each sale b/c the price point is higher. Try it out.

Product #4 - Electric Lunch Box

This next one is another example of a product that I had no idea existed...and yet for some reason took off on pretty much every platform. Apparently heated lunchboxes are a thing.

You can charge them, then set a timer for when you want them to start heating your lunch up, and then bam!...A hot lunch when you’re ready to have it. These really took off during Father’s Day and the holiday season, but I’ve been selling several variations of these pretty consistently since too.

Product #5 - Leaf Sweeper

This is yet another example of one I never knew existed…until I had to.

This was the first fall season in our new house and I learned the hard way just how time consuming and annoying picking up leaves can be. But this product was an absolute life saver (just like the walking magnet was). It helped me pick up leaves so much quicker than with a blower or a rake.

For about a 2 month stretch (since I listed it toward the end of the year) it sold constantly for me. Not only that, the profit on this was great too b/c the price point was high.

I’d recommend listing this (and products like it) A LOT earlier this upcoming year. The best time would be pre-fall season. That way you can capitalize on selling this for almost half the year (not just 2 months like me). But hey, I didn’t know anything like this existed before a few months ago.

Product #6 - Kid Leash The next product on this list surely lives up to the “unusual product” tag. It’s a leash….for your children.

Now, I’m not sure why in the world anyone needs to leash up their children??? The only thing I can think of is if you’re at like a busy mall…or a theme park…or something like that….and you’re worried you’re going to lose your kid?

I’m not condoning this. I think it’s EXTREMELY weird. But for whatever reason these have been flying off the shelves for me for a while now. Plus the margins are on these are great b/c you can source them for around $10….so it’s easy to mark them up a decent amount and still get sales.

Product #7 - Liquidation Sports Cards

Half the time I’m selling this next product, I don’t even know what it is I’m selling (if I’m being completely honest with you). I’ve sold a lot of these card lot listings. They’re typically either listed as “liquidation sale card lots”….or “unopened packs of cards."

And there’s often extreme detail in the description about exactly what the customer will receive….however, it’s often vague too (like “you will receive either….or….or….or…or….). So I get questions from customers constantly on what exactly it is they’re buying. And I ignore almost of them (not because I’m dick, but b/c I’m not sure what it is either).

I started seeing success with listings like a long time ago and now anytime I see a similar one, I list it. Even though I don’t answer most people’s questions and even though the descriptions are often vague, listings like this have always sold well for me and I’ve never once had a customer complain about what they received.

Product #8 - MRE Meals

The next one is another strange one. It’s Meal Replacement packs. I’m assuming these are dry storage meals people buy just in case they need them in a pinch (like doomsday preppers).

But yeah, these sell. And the profit on them is great.

  1. Because the price is higher

  2. Because he fear of the potential customer makes them a motivated buyer

Product # 9 - Light Bulb Security Camera

This next product is one I actually tried to dropship on shopify. I tried to sell this with organic tiktok posts and I also tried to run ads to it (both unsuccessfully).

BUT, for whatever reason it started to take off for me on poshmark and on mercari. It has yet to sell on facebook, but not every product does equally as good on every platform. Plus it might just be saturated on those platforms since I’m competing against ads on this exact product.

Regardless, this is a high quality product, you can mark up double the price….and it still sells!

Product # 10 - Wigs

I’m not sure why anyone is ordering wigs like this online without trying them on first, but they do!

I’ve sold this wig (and plenty of other wigs just like it) on pretty much every platforms. They’re great b/c they’re cheap to source (so you can mark them up a decent amount)….and the one specific supplier I use for a lot of them…pre-emptively refunds any return I try to make.

Which means I don’t really have to deal with any returns.

So there you have it 10 unusual dropshipping products I NEVER thought would sell….but did.

I never thought half of these would amount to much, but that just goes to show you some of the products that might end up doing well for you are things you might be overlooking b/c they’re not obvious sellers.

Also, products that solve a problem in your own life are things you want to list, as well. If the product solves a problem for you….chances are there’s plenty of other people out there it’ll do the same for.

If you'd like to watch the complete video explanation of this, check it out below.

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