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Looking for a Side Hustle that ACTUALLY Pays? Here are 7

Lately, I've been bombarded with countless videos recommending side hustles that are nothing more than time-wasting endeavors. From filling out online surveys to spamming affiliate links in Reddit forums, the options seem endless.

But I decided to take matters into my own hands and explore side hustles that would genuinely help me make some extra cash. Surprisingly, these side hustles were not only effective but also paid off.

1. Advertise for Companies on Your Car

One side hustle that caught my attention was wrapping my car with advertisements for companies. I discovered an app called Wrapify that connects drivers with businesses willing to pay for advertising space on their cars. All you have to do is sign up, get your car wrapped, and drive as you normally would. The more you drive, the more you earn. According to Wrapify, the average person can make anywhere from $250 to $500 per month just by driving around town. It's a legitimate option that almost anyone with a car can try.

2. Taskrabbit and Handy: Get Paid for Doing Tasks

Taskrabbit and Handy are platforms where you can get paid to perform various tasks for people. Whether it's knocking down a bee's nest, picking up groceries for the elderly, helping with moving, or even assembling furniture, these platforms connect you with people who need assistance. It's not the flashiest side hustle out there, but it's practical and reliable. By dedicating a few extra hours each week to complete tasks, you can easily make a few hundred dollars or more.

3. Deliver for Amazon with Flex

When we think of working for Amazon, the image of a fulfillment center often comes to mind. However, there's another option: Amazon Flex. With Amazon Flex, you can become a delivery driver using your own vehicle. You set your own schedule and work as little or as much as you want. It's similar to Uber, but without the constant need for conversation. According to Amazon, drivers can earn up to $25 per hour. This side hustle is appealing to me because you can listen to audiobooks, watch YouTube videos, or take courses while driving...which means you can not only use your extra time to make more money, but you can also simultaneously use it to get better and add valuable skills to your "tool belt."

4. Rent Out Your Stuff

Instead of letting your unused belongings collect dust, why not rent them out? Platforms like Fat Llama connect people who are looking to rent specific items with those who have them available. Whether it's cameras, projectors, tools, or even lawnmowers, there's a demand for various items. By renting out your stuff, you can earn extra income while helping someone save money by not having to purchase something they'll only use once.

5. Sell Your Unused Items Online

Chances are, you have plenty of items lying around your house that you no longer use. Why not sell them online? Platforms like eBay, Amazon, Poshmark, Mercari, OfferUp, and Facebook Marketplace provide a perfect opportunity to turn your clutter into cash. Selling unused or unwanted items online is a reliable way to earn extra money, and there's a wide range of platforms to choose from.

6. Turn Your Commute into Cash

While on your daily commute, you can turn it into a money-making opportunity by using apps like Roadie. Roadie allows you to earn money by delivering packages along your existing route. You simply sign up, check available packages, and choose ones that align with your commute. It's a side hustle that you can easily turn on and off based on your availability and route. Roadie claims drivers make an average of $13 per package, and it's a great way to make use of the time you're already spending in your car.

7. Grocery Delivery with Instacart or Shipt

Another practical side hustle that often goes overlooked is delivering groceries. Apps like Instacart and Shipt pay you to shop for groceries and deliver them to customers' homes. Both companies claim you can earn an average of $20 to $25 per hour. It's a reliable and consistent way to earn money, and if you enjoy grocery shopping, it can be quite enjoyable too.

If you'd like to watch the complete video explanation of this, check it out below.

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