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How to FINALLY Get Your Tiktok Shop Accepted (Even if You've Been Denied Over and Over)

Whether you’re already selling on tiktok shops and trying to open up multiple accounts or if you’re trying to apply for your first shop altogether, one of the biggest issues people seem to be having is getting accepted.

So if you’re facing an issue where for whatever reason Tiktok isn’t approving your application, this 3 step process will ensure you’re finally able to open a shop up so you can start selling…

1. Check your info

One of the biggest problems seems to be if there’s an issue matching up some of the information you’re applying with during the verification process.

So if you’re applying personally: make sure your name is typed in correctly, your address, your Social Security number, etc…

And if you’re applying with a Business EIN the same thing applies… make sure your business name matches up with the name on your taxes, make sure your business address is correct, and make sure your EIN and all other information matches up.

If you’re 100% sure they all do, then move on to step 2…

This does assume of course, that you’re applying FROM within a country tiktok shop is allowed in. Often people ask me why they’re not getting accepted or why their shop got suspended and the underlying issue is clearly that they’re trying to sell from outside a country it’s allowed in, which if Tiktok catches on…or suspects…might certainly be your issue.

2. Relentlessly apply and continue annoying them into accepting your application

I had a shop that I literally had to resubmit the application like 30 times before they accepted it.

Never changed a thing, never did anything different, just continued to reapply every time they rejected it.

And basically annoyed them into accepting me. Now, this does of course assume that all your info is correct and you’re again…applying from within a country it’s allowed in).

Why does it take them dozens of times to accept you? If I’m being honest, I have no idea…

But the reality of these big companies is they get THOUSANDS of requests like this daily (probably more)…and they don’t have enough employees to manage them so they have algorithms and bots that police their platforms and accept or deny things like this.

You’ll often notice that once you get rejected once or twice…you almost auto get rejected going forward (even if you change things around). That’s because a human isn’t looking at your application…. Or if they are, they’re just overwhelmed with requests and just hitting deny because it’s easier.

I’ve talked about this issue so many times with other companies like facebook and amazon…and tiktok is no different.

The tried and true approach that’s always worked EVENTUALLY is the “hang up and call again approach.”

Basically, if you send an appeal, or you apply for something, or you call and ask for help for whatever reason….and you don’t get the result you’re hoping for…

Then hang up and call again (or in this case just apply again…and again…and again) until you get your desired result.

There are different calibers of employees in every company. And some employees can help you while others can’t. Some are willing to help you and some aren’t. And so often it’s just about getting your issue in front of the right employee at the right time.

But, if you’ve used this approach over and over again and haven’t gotten accepted, then try step 3…

3. Start a completely new shop and apply again with the same info

Sometimes you hit a snag on an application and in my experience opening up a new account and signing up all over again, then applying with the same info….can often work.

You’ll get a new at bat to apply and get accepted.

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