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How to Contact Facebook Support and ACTUALLY Get an Answer

If you’ve ever had a problem on Facebook where you’ve had to deal with Facebook support….you know just how incompetent and helpless they seem to be.

Often you’re dealing with bots who give you autoresponses and even when you do get through to an ACTUAL person they’re either reluctant to….or incapable of helping you.

But I’m going to give you several ways that you can contact Facebook support and ACTUALLY get a response so you can get your problem solved.

This can help you report pretty much any problem on Facebook (from issues like a greyed out buy button, to problems with problem buyers, to glitches that might only be affecting your account, to even getting your marketplace account back up quickly after a suspension).

Now, in my experience dealing with Facebook Support is a lot like dealing with amazon or ebay support, meaning you won’t always get the same help or same level of support.

Different employees are more willing to help than others….and different employees are even more able to help than others.

So, often to get success dealing with Facebook support, I recommend implementing the “hang up and call again” approach that’s worked so well for most amazon and eBay sellers.

Meaning if you don’t get the response your looking for…. or you don’t get any help….or even a bot response….simply re-submit the form, resend another email, or report another problem….and potentially this time your issue might go to someone that can actually help.

And believe it or not this approach has served me well for years on amazon. If I’d call amazon support and they couldn’t help me, I’d literally hang up and call again.

The next call would often go to a different support rep who might be in a different mood, might be more capable of helping me, and might be more willing to help me.

The same overall strategy can be used when dealing with Facebook support as well.

Now, there are certainly some things that will increase the likelihood of you getting your problems solved faster, though.

So the first one (and in my experience the most effective one) is to respond to an old support email with your new problem.

If you’re dealing with Facebook support (NOT Facebook business support for this specific example) then in most situations they never close the cases out.

Therefore, you can always respond to an old case by simply replying to an old support email...and then you KNOW your new issue is going to a support rep directly and you’ll get a response.

This works if you’ve ever had a previous correspondence with Facebook support before.

The next way you can report a problem on Facebook is to simply shake your phone.

You want to go to the specific page where that problem is happening and then shake your phone and you'll see a box pop up with a "report the problem that you're experiencing."

This does actually work from time to time too. Although, it typically doesn't happen as fast as the others and sometimes it can take 24 or even 48 hours to get a response. But it can help and I recommend trying it in conjunction with the first strategy.

Another method that's been super effective is submitting forms on Facebook. Here are some useful links to help you recover your shop, marketplace, and report bugs/issues...

Ban appeal links

Finally, if all else fails (even if you're dealing with a personal facebook marketplace issue) I recommend contacting facebook business support.

You can submit one of the previous forms above or you can go directly to your profile and then go to the

question mark at the bottom left corner of the screen.

By clicking that, it will open up the help section in the top right of your browser...and from there you can either "report a problem" again or "contact Facebook business support."

From there you can hop on a messenger chat or you can hop on a phone call with Business support.

This is helpful because Facebook Business Support (unlike normal marketplace support) seem much more equipped to actually help you (and much more willing to actually do so).

And you know that you're always dealing with an actual person...not getting some canned bot response.

Also, even if they can't help you right then on the call/chat, in my experience they at least forward your issue to the correct team so you know your issue is being reported properly and you can wait for a response via email.

If you'd like to watch the complete video explanation of this, check it out below.

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