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How to Build a 6 Figure Dropshipping Business Fast

In today’s video we're going to talk about my experience building a six figure drop shipping business.

We’ll cover…

  • What platforms I recommended you drop ship on

  • What strategies I recommend you implement on those platforms in order to be successful

  • What software will make running this business exponentially easier

  • How to outsource everything so it becomes a more hands off income stream

So primarily my dropshipping Business is built on the back of Facebook. I list products on both Facebook marketplace and Facebook shops.

I would attribute at least 60-70% of my revenue/profit to Facebook on any given month.

The truth is Facebook currently has the best seller experience, the most demand relative to competition, and is the easiest to start and scale (for both complete beginners and advanced sellers).

You can use a software called Zeedrop (use code GUERRA for a discount) to copy products from dozens of websites directly to Facebook marketplace and facebook shops. The software will automatically copy the title of the product, the description, the pictures, and mark the price up for you so that way if you sell it, you’ll make money.

There’s no limit to the amount of products you can list on a Facebook shop. On a personal Marketplace account you’re allowed to list up to 150 products every day.

Just like on any platform, the two main factors that will contribute most to your success here are the quality of products that you list (meaning do your product research) and the amount of products you list, which means list as many as you possibly can.

Other people might have a different approach than this… but this is exactly what’s worked for me.

From there, I’ll copy those same products to other marketplaces for more potential sales.

These other marketplaces probably only make up about 10% of my revenue and profit on any given month, but it’s bonus money I get for products I already have up anyway.

Also, there’s a different type of buyer on each of these sites so some products that never sell on Facebook have the potential to take off on other platforms.

And if this took me a long time, I probably wouldn’t waste my time doing it...but because I use List Perfectly (Use code GUERRA to get 30% Off) to move listing from site to site super quickly, I’m able to list products everywhere without much extra work or time invested at all….and then it becomes worth it.

Those other sites in no particular order are…

  • Poshmark

  • Mercari

  • Grailed

  • Tradesy

  • Kidizen

  • Curtsy

  • OfferUp

Another staple of my dropshipping Business is Amazon. Dropshipping products on Amazon is very similar, but also quite different.

The business model is the same, but the way you approach product research and compete for sales on listings is very different.

Finding products that you can successfully dropship on Amazon is more difficult than finding products to dropship on other sites.

But when you do find one, that product can sell over and over again for an extended period of time.

So while it might take more effort up front….the shelf life of your listings typically last much longer. And once you have a product up, it’s almost 100% automated and hands off for you.

You can automate the inventory management and have software that will manage your stock levels so you never sell a product that’s out of stock.

You Can automate the repricing so your prices are ALWAYS super competitive and smart. That means you’ll make more sales….and more money!

And you can even automate the tracking # portion of your business too. There's software that will automatically pull tracking numbers from your emails...and then input them into the correct corresponding orders in the back of Amazon seller central for you.

I would say Amazon probably contributes to about 20% of my revenue/profit on any given month. But keep in mind this is the most hands off part of my business. I barely have to spend any time managing this at all...because it's almost fully automated with software.

And finally the last site I dropship on is Etsy.

On Etsy you can really only dropship print on demand products if you want to be successful long term.

This is the site that's the newest part of my business. I just started listing here.

And while I've seen some success here, I'm by no means a master yet.

I'm really bullish on the opportunity on this site. Because just like amazon, yes it might take a bit longer to find hot selling products and then create the listing.

But also like Amazon, once you have the listing up on your's 100% automated with software. You don't have to do anything.

If you'd like to watch the complete video explanation of this, check it out below.

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