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Forget Amazon and eBay. Use These Dropship Suppliers Instead.

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

When you first start dropshipping on facebook, it’s normal to use suppliers like Amazon, ebay, and walmart.

They’re reliable, they have great return policies, they ship out fast, and they have millions of high quality products you can list.

The issue with that though….is EVERYONE else is using these same suppliers as well.

Which ultimately, will lead to product saturation, higher competition, and race to the bottom pricing on the exact same products.

You can search tons of amazon products on marketplace (literally copy and past the title into search) and see dozens of sellers all listing the same exact product with the same exact title, description, and pictures.

So…what’s the incentive for customers to purchase yours in the sea of other products that are all the EXACT same.

Now, don’t get me wrong…you can still see success listing from these websites. I’m not here to tell you that you can’t make ANY sales doing this.

A lot of my hot selling products are still sourced from sites like these.

BUT…..If you want to be successful long term, you need to find a way to bring something different or more valuable to the marketplace.

The longer you cling to SOLELY using suppliers like this, the more you’re rolling the dice that….one day….potentially soon….your sales could just dry up.

It’s the same business principle talked about in the book Blue Ocean Strategy.

It’s better to avoid competing with everyone else in the same exact “pond." Instead, look for a new blue ocean you can fish in ALL by yourself.

There are many ways to do this. In one of my recent videos I talked about bundling products together to create new listings the market isn’t seeing.

And I also touched on listing hot products that are blowing up on other sites like tiktok….and using the videos that trend there on your listings to help convert more customers (both of which will yield you results and are extremely effective).

But one of the EASIEST ways to do this… use DIFFERENT suppliers.

So, in this article we’re going to cover some of the top suppliers I recommend you use that AREN’T Amazon, Walmart, ebay, home depot (or any other top retail supplier that might become saturated quickly).

The first supplier I’d recommend using is Gardeners. Gardeners is a great supplier that specializes in gardening and home products (hence the name).

On this site, not only are there quality items, quality pictures/listings you can use, and good customer service….but there are also high margin items that seem to work pretty well when dropshipped.

Some examples of these would be raised garden beds, flower racks, home décor, and even lawn mowers.

And if you didn’t catch my last video on other sites I recommend you dropship on as well, my best amazon dropshipping product EVER was dropshipped from this website.

And I made an absolute killing on that product.

I have a lot of experience sourcing from this website. They ship out relatively fast, they have good customer service and you can actually talk to a human being that will help you, they have a good return policy, and they have lots of products you can list.

The next website I recommend you list from is…..non other than aliexpress!

Believe it or not, aliexpress has A LOT of really solid products and the prices are SUPER CHEAP.

That means your margins are going to be a lot higher than if you list from sites like amazon, ebay, or Walmart (typically speaking).

The major issue with this website that always arises is the long shipping times.

This isn’t a problem when you’re dropshipping on facebook shops because you can just input the tracking number you get from the supplier and the customer can track their order easily. You don’t need a fedex, ups, or usps tracking number that gets to the customer quickly when dropshipping on a shop.

And when you use aliexpress for personal marketplace, simply make sure you’re using warehouses IN the US. That way you can make sure your products are IN the US….and they’ll get to the customer quickly (typically within a week – sometimes less). You’ll also get fedex, ups, and usps tracking numbers when doing this….and your items will ship out within 3 days. So you can use aliexpress to dropship on marketplace if you approach it this way.

To piggy back off the aliexpress theme, Wish is also a great place you can use to dropship that isn’t one of the big box retailers. There are tons of products on this website and they’re all SUPER CHEAP….so anything you dropship from here will have ridiculous high margins.

The only caveat to this site is that unlike aliexpress, there doesn’t seem to be anyway to filter to US based warehouses, which means shipping times will be around 2-3 weeks. You can filter out for “express shipping” which makes it faster….but it still won’t ship out fast enough for you to use this site when dropshipping on a personal facebook marketplace. This site is GREAT for shops though. I highly recommend it.

The margins are ridiculous and I haven’t run into any issues using it yet. I’ve been extremely pleased.

The next site is another supplier that also works really well if you dropship on amazon (just like gardeners)……and that’s webstaraunt store.

This site sells pretty much everything you can flip to restaurants, food trucks, carnivals, and business like that. I’ve had lots of success with this site on Amazon and it’s also a really great one for beginners to use, as well.

But it works pretty well for dropshipping on facebook marketplace and facebook shops too.

The customer service is great, there are a lot of quality products, and the margins can be pretty good too (since a lot of things you can list from this site can be on the higher price side). And the return policy is great for MOST items (just check that it doesn’t specifically say this item isn’t returnable – typically you’ll see this on food products and perishables…where if a customer opens it, they can’t take it back).

Some examples of things I’ve dropshipped successfully from here are popcorn machines, turkey fryers are BLOWING UP right now (since thanksgiving is getting closer), flour (for cooking I guess), and believe it or not napkins (I have no idea why people have been buying my bulk napkin listing, but they are!

If you'd like to watch the complete video explanation of this, check it out below.

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