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8 Shortcuts to a 6 Figure Dropshipping Business

Today we’re going to cover 8 things you need to do everyday in your drop shipping business to hit 6 figures.

I created this video specifically with Facebook in mind, but all of these tips can be applied to dropshipping on pretty much any platform.

Each one of these things is something I do every single day in my own dropshipping Business and has directly contributed to me being able to scale...

1) List

This obviously goes without saying, but the reality is most people don’t consistently list every day…and even if they do most people don’t list nearly enough.

You’re allowed to list up to 150 products every day on a personal Facebook marketplace profile, but There’s no limit to the amount of products you’re able to list on a Facebook shop daily.

Also, with the exception of eBay (if you have a listing limits or are a newer seller) all other platforms allow you to list as many as possible too.

I repeat this in almost every video/article, but that’s because it works. I recommend listing as much as you possibly can and you’ll give yourself the best opportunity to make as many sales as possible. It's simple: more at bats!

2) Answer all messages and questions

Facebook marketplace is the only platform where customers can message you and ask questions if they’re interested in a REAL TIME.

That means you can answer their questions, solve their objections, and provide them with all the information they need, while they’re in the buyer mindset and they’re ready to make an impulsive purchase.

This is super powerful so use it to your advantage (this goes without saying on every other platform too, but it’s even MORE powerful on Facebook).

3) Renew and relist as many listings as you possibly can.

You can do this from mobile or by using your dashboard on a desktop.

This is one of the most powerful things that you can do. As soon as I started doing this consistently, my sales went up significantly…and I’ve never stopped since.

I recommend that you try it consistently and I’m willing to bet your sales will increase too.

4) Check insights and metrics

This is extremely important on all platforms. If you can stay ahead of your metrics and make sure that there are no issues you’re not aware of, you can avoid potential suspensions, chargebacks, and protect your account long-term

5) Input tracking numbers

This is another thing that goes without saying, but it is something I do on a daily basis.

You want to stay ahead of inputting tracking numbers especially because Facebook is known to suspend you at random times, but also because it’s easy to forget occasionally when you’re caught up with other problems in your business.

And you don’t want to miss a day of inputting tracking numbers. This will make sure that your metrics stay in tact, but also make sure you get paid out as fast as possible.

6) Product research

The products you list are everything. If you’re listing bad products that aren't in demand… it doesn’t matter how many products you list, you’ll struggle to make sales

But if you’re listing good products…then you will make sales.

There are many ways to do product research and I’ve covered them all in this video. So if you’re interested in learning different strategies, it’s all there.

7) Watch videos and keep learning

It doesn’t matter how good you are. If you’re not getting better…it’s just a matter of time until your competition passes you by.

Even though I’d like to think I’m pretty good at dropshipping, I’m ALWAYS watching videos from other people, trying to learn new ways to approach things, learn more, and maintain an edge.

Even 1 nugget of insight or 1 new strategy can make a massive difference on your bottom line.

So I’m always trying to learn from others and apply their best insights to my business.

8) Setup VAs (if you have them)

I’ve outsourced almost every aspect of my dropshipping business (from listing, to product research, to processing orders…).

This allows me to buy back my time so I can focus on new ways to scale the business and spend more time improving current strategies and systems….and getting better!

You don’t have to start here though. If you’re not ready to hire a VA just yet that’s totally fine.

And if you do find yourself strapped for time every day…it might be the right time to bring someone on to help.

If you'd like to watch the complete video explanation of this, check it out below.

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