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$1,000+ Profit in 1 Sale | My Biggest Dropshipping Sale Ever

In this article I’m going to cover my biggest dropshipping sale ever.

Typically most of my sales are in the $8 to maybe $50 profit range (occasionally I’ll have one that’s closer to $100…or even more, but that’s not that often).

This sale however, was 1 sale….it happened on Amazon….and the profit was over $1,000!

As you can see the sale was for 10 units of a wireless access point totaling $2,498.60 (or an average price of $233.51).

After amazon fees, the earnings for this sale were $2,148.30.

I was able to source this product for $99.99 a piece. After purchasing 10 units it came to a grand total of $1,084.79.

Now if you deduct the purchase price from the profit paid out from the amazon sale, that’s a $1,063.51 profit……from 1 sale!

This is by far my most profitable dropshipping sale ever. I’ve done a few multi-hundred dollar profit sales, but never cracked the $1,000 proft in 1 before.

At the end of the day, dropshipping is just connecting people with the products they’re already looking for (for a fee). I also want to hit home that a profit margin like this on 1 sale is NOT typical.

And you also, DON’T want to solely shoot for products with high profit like this. That might sound counter intuitive (and don’t get me wrong, high margin sales like this are WONDERFUL. They can single handedly increase your monthly take home profit). But ultimately, you want to build your store around both high priced products and low priced products.

The lower priced products and lower profit products are just as important. Sure, you don’t make nearly as much money (even though you’re doing the same work). BUT you need those sales to stack up to help protect your overall metrics…..that way if you make a mistake or you have to cancel an order, you can bury that mistake in your metrics b/c you have a lot of sales.

If you ONLY go after high margins, you’re playing with fire b/c you won’t have the sales volume to protect your stores if you make a mistake.

If you'd like to watch the complete video explanation of this, check it out below.

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