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Poshmark Dropshipping - 3 Step Guide to Success

For the past two years, I've been engrossed in the world of dropshipping on Poshmark. It has been an incredibly rewarding experience, both personally and financially. Averaging almost $1,000 in profits every month, my journey was already fulfilling. But then something magical happened. With the arrival of Q4 last year, my sales literally doubled! No, I'm not a millionaire yet, but $2,000 extra a month can be life-changing...


The Allure of Dropshipping on Poshmark

One of the most enticing aspects of dropshipping on Poshmark is automation. Various software options out there can handle much of the grunt work for you. Plus, unlike traditional retail, dropshipping doesn't require you to purchase inventory upfront. Instead, you purchase products only after making a sale, assuring you a guaranteed profit. While Poshmark mandates the use of their shipping labels—a small hurdle—it also presents an advantage. This platform-specific rule has significantly reduced competition, offering you a wider berth to rake in sales.


A Word of Caution

Before diving into the specifics, it's worth mentioning that dropshipping technically violates Poshmark's terms of service. However, since you're complying by using their shipping labels, the risk of encountering issues is relatively low. So, let's move on to my three-step guide to conquering Poshmark through dropshipping.


Step 1: List, List, List!

The first step is straightforward but crucial—list as many products as possible. When I say this, people often respond that they've listed around 50 products and seen no sales. Fifty isn't enough; you need to list hundreds or even thousands. Think of it as casting multiple fishing lines into a pond; the more lines you have, the more fish you'll catch. I primarily source my products from Amazon and Walmart. Their premium memberships—Amazon Prime and Walmart Plus—allow fast shipping, ensuring you can meet Poshmark's shipping deadlines (while still ordering to yourself first and using the poshmark labels).


Step 2: Automation and Scaling

The second step revolves around automation. For this, I rely on 2 main tools—Zeedrop, and Simple Posture. Zeedrop allows me to effortlessly copy product listings from websites like Amazon and Walmart onto Poshmark, complete with titles, descriptions, and pictures. Additionally, it offers a bulk feature that queues up dozens of products, automatically listing them on Poshmark while you're doing something else (which helps you list dozens - hundreds of products per day). On top of the lister, Zeedrop recently introduced an automatic offer bot (which automatically goes through your closet and makes offers to likers to convert more sales for you). It's a game changer.

On the other hand, Simple Posture is a Google Chrome extension that automates sharing your Poshmark listings, vital for visibility and ranking on the platform. Sharing from both your closet and from Poshmark parties ensures maximum visibility and higher chances of sales. You won't succeed on poshmark without sharing a TON. So why not automate that? It's a no brainer.


Step 3: Execution and Repetition

Finally, once a sale comes in, order the product to your own address first. Then, use the Poshmark shipping label to send it to the customer. To keep everything organized, I jot down which product corresponds with which label. For example, if I sell white wool gloves, I write "white wool gloves" on the label so that when the product arrives, I know exactly which label to use. It's a system that makes it really easy to execute this business b/c I don't need to over think anything.


The Secret Sauce: Outsourcing

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the role that Virtual Assistants (VAs) have played in my success. Hiring VAs from places like Upwork and Onlinejobs(ph) has allowed me to automate my business further, freeing up more of my time while still growing my listings and consequently, my sales. They primarily list for me on poshmark, but do various other tasks within my ecommerce business. I've done countless tutorials on how to find cheap virtual assistants to outsource pretty much anything in your business profitably.

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