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This is Tykun. He enrolled in Resale University right before the pandemic hit.

He had every excuse in the book to give up with so much uncertainty...and not many people would've blamed him.

Even though there were a lot of obstacles to maneuver through at that time (including Amazon shutting down their warehouses), he didn't let that stop him.

He kept learning, kept applying the information in the Course, and he ended up crushing it during the pandemic!

His story is an inspiring one, for sure. But it's not uncommon.

Every day new people are able to start successful at-home reselling businesses and you can be one of them.

tkhun sales testimonial.PNG

This is Josh. Josh is a Book Reseller that enrolled in Resale University.

He was able to pull in over $60,000 last year just doing it part time on Amazon. He also sells on eBay and Mercari, as well.

Book Reselling is one of the least time consuming and most profitable forms of Reselling. Because 1 book can have a profit margin of a few hundred dollars alone.

And then you're only dealing with 1 piece of inventory to make that money (not dozens or hundreds).

Now, you're probably thinking, "okay that's great, but I don't have the time to find books to resell. Sourcing takes time."

But the truth is, ALL your sourcing can be done for you with software.

That means you can download software that will compare book prices all over the internet from website to website, push a few buttons, and bam! You'll have lots profitable books to resell spoon fed to you.

Book Reselling is only 1 of the 7 strategies covered in depth in Resale University.

Josh Testimonial & Snapshot.PNG

This is Pablo. Pablo enrolled in Resale University to learn how to turn Reselling into a Full Time Income.

It didn't come naturally to him at first, but he didn't give up.

Instead of quitting in the beginning, he stuck with it and even doubled down on implementing what he learned.

And because of that, he was able to replace the entire income from his job just selling on Amazon.

Selling on Amazon is just 1 of the 5 Marketplaces covered in depth in Resale University.

pablos testimonial & sales snapshot.PNG

Meet Matt- he bought and sold a Liquidation Pallet that turned out to be a great buy on his first purchase.

Liquidation Pallets are a goldmine of valuable products that you can source for super cheap (top brand products for pennies on the dollar).

And you can leverage overstocked inventory to your advantage, if you know where to buy it and where to sell it....then flip it online for easy profit.

Reselling Liquidation pallets is only 1 of the 7 strategies taught in Resale University.


Meet Abe - he's been crushing liquidation pallet reselling with what he's learned in Resale University (just like Matt).

Reselling Liquidation pallets is only 1 of the 7 strategies taught in Resale University.

Abes Testimonial.PNG

Another Resale University Success story...

This student was able to pull in $1,400 in their first 6 weeks in the Course.

That's the beauty of reselling. It's great for beginners that are looking for some extra side income...and it's also great for experienced sellers that want to scale it into a full time income.

Resale U focuses on both sides of that spectrum. It can help anyone make money reselling products online.

testimonial (1).png

Meet Doug - A long time student of mine.

He started his reselling journey a few years ago with coupon arbitrage (just like I did) and has been selling ever since.

He's shifted his reselling approach and evolved with me over the years.

He's been able to travel the world to places he's always wanted to go. And more importantly, he's been able to spend more time with his son b/c he's able to make money while doing both of these.

This is the power of Resale University.

It's not just some "course" you enroll in...only to find out all the information is outdated b/c it was created years ago.

It's constantly updated with the latest strategies, software, and websites.

It can teach ANYONE how to make money reselling products online.

If you're a beginner, great! It'll take you from beginner to advanced in as short a time period as possible.

If you're experienced, great! It'll teach you strategies you're not aware of, give you THOUSANDS of websites to source products from, and software to automate your business (which takes your time out of the equation so you can focus on what you love to do).

doug testimonial (2).png

Meet Jacob, one of my oldest students and success stories.

He took one of my first Online Arbitrage Courses back when he was just a high school student and was blown away by the fact that ANYONE could ACTUALLY make money online.

Now, at 19, he's making a full time income Reselling online, working just part time on the side, and has done it all without needing to spend 10s of thousands and 4+ years on a degree.

Online Arbitrage is a great way for beginners to get into reselling. It'll allow you to build up a "nestegg" of money relatively quickly.

You can then take that money and use it to start a more scalable form of reselling that can provide you long term profit (like wholesale for example).

Resale University teaches both sides of that spectrum b/c everyone starts at a different point.

Olivia Testimoial (2).png

Meet Rick...

Rick joined Resale University as a beginner and started out with the more low risk forms of reselling like cashback and coupon arbitrage.

Just reselling products from sites he got in the Course, he was able to take his eBay sales from 0 to $1,000 almost overnight.

Because of this, eBay thought he was drop shipping and sent him a warning. I guess they figured it was sketchy that someone could open an account and start making sales like that so quick (LOL).

He let eBay know he wasn't drop shipping, he actually had the products he was selling, and everything got cleared up.

He's now using the money he made to move into more scalable forms of reselling (like books and wholesale) so he can turn reselling into a full time income from home.

Resale University can help ANYONE make money reselling products online (beginner like Rick or already experienced, but not at the full-time income level yet).

Rick Testimonial.PNG

Meet Jimmy...yet another Resale University success story.

He's constantly active in our private group, constantly asking questions, and always implementing what he's learned.

And because of that, he's gotten results.

It's really that simple.

Resale U is NOT a magic pill. You will have to actually put in work.

But if you're willing to do that, you can get results just like Jimmy.

Jimmy Testimonial.PNG

Yet another student that bet on themselves and took the leap of faith.

Anyone can make extra money reselling products online...and the information is all there in Resale University for you.

Remaz Testimonial IG (3).png

Meet Azan - He enrolled in Resale University just over a month ago.

In his first 46 days in business he's already been able to do over $15,000.

I had a feeling he'd succeed from the get-go because (just like all successful students) he showed up in our private FB group asking questions and acting on the information he learned.

Reselling isn't complicated. It's actually quite simple, but it does take work (just like any successful business does).

The benefit of selling on Amazon like he does is you can leverage other suppliers, Amazon FBA, and software to run most of your business for you.

If you want to get results like Azan, Resale U can help you.

Azan Testimonial IG (2).png

Meet Frank - a Resale University success story.

Just like most people, he was skeptical about whether the Course could help him and if he would waste his hard earned money enrolling.

Eventually, he took the leap of faith and it paid off big time for him.

Frank Testimonial.PNG


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