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How to Outsource Your Business to Virtual Assistants and Buy Back Your Time

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How I Find Cheap Virtual Assistants to Run my eCommerce Business Profitably

Unlocking the Secret to My E-commerce Success: Outsourcing 101

Navigating the intricate world of e-commerce, one compelling discovery has significantly transformed my venture: outsourcing. My drop shipping business, while extremely profitable from the start, had me slaving day and night trying to list, do product research, take care of customers, and fulfill all the orders myself. Something needed to change…and that’s what led me to hiring virtual assistants. Today, let me explain how you too can harness the power of virtual assistants without breaking the bank.

Outsourcing: A Universal Key

The magic of outsourcing isn’t exclusive to e-commerce. It's a universal tool, capable of fueling any business type, by buying back precious time and offering a canvas for innovation and resilience against competitors. In a nutshell, it unleashes potential - not just to compete but to lead.

Step-by-Step to Profitable Outsourcing

My journey to efficient outsourcing wasn’t arbitrary. It followed a meticulous formula, consisting of the following pivotal steps:

1.    Identify Un-Outsourceable Tasks: Comprehend what aspects of your business mandate your personal touch.

2.    Cherry-Pick Tasks for Outsourcing: Gradually identify, automate, systematize, and outsource specific tasks, starting with the simplest and progressively scaling.

3.    Choosing the Right Platform: My favorite hub for high-quality, affordable virtual assistants (VAs) has been, although options like Fiverr and Upwork also prevail.

4.    Crafting a Clear Job Posting: Be explicit about what you seek, inviting qualified candidates to share their aptitude and résumés.

5.    Training Your VAs: Employ step-by-step screen recordings to convey exact expectations and systematically implement your strategies.

6.    Effective Communication and Payment Methods: I vouch for WhatsApp for seamless communication and recommend PayPal or Western Union for financial transactions.


Some of my successfully outsourced tasks include listing on various websites, product research, order fulfillment, and even customer service (just to scratch the surface), but you can really outsource almost anything.

More than Just E-commerce

This method, while illustrated through my e-commerce lens, holds promise for myriad business models. Outsourcing, when done right, can help scale any business, liberating the entrepreneur to learn, innovate, and explore new frontiers - ones previously shrouded due to time constraints.

I remember vividly when I onboarded my first VA. It wasn’t just a hiring; it was an investment, one that yielded my most profitable year despite managing and paying a team of five full-time VAs. The essence was in erecting systems around daily tasks, training others to execute them affordably, and utilizing the salvaged time judiciously to learn, innovate, and strengthen my business.

Try It, Scale It, Lead It

Enabling profitable outsourcing, especially through platforms like, has morphed me from a hustling entrepreneur into a strategic manager. I’m no longer entangled in the day-to-day nitty-gritty but overseeing a smoothly operating machine.

Embark on your outsourcing journey wisely, scale judiciously, and watch as you, too, shift from merely running your business to truly leading it.

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