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How AI Tools Transformed My Business

Over the past few months, I've experienced a remarkable transformation in my business, all thanks to the power of AI tools. These tools have not only increased my productivity but have also improved the quality of my products while reducing costs. In this video, I want to share the specific AI tools I've been utilizing and how they have revolutionized various aspects of my business.


One of the most game-changing AI tools I've come across recently is AutoPod. This software automates the editing process for raw videos and podcasts. Previously, I would spend a significant amount of time manually editing YouTube videos, course videos, and audiobook voiceovers. AutoPod has reduced my editing time by 70-80%, saving me valuable hours. It has also resulted in substantial cost savings since I no longer need to outsource the editing process for lots of these things either.


Although AutoPod handles the editing jobs for basic stuff, I still have a video editor for more advanced tasks such as adding transitions, graphics, and high-quality B-roll. Nonetheless, the time and cost savings provided by AutoPod have been incredible…and can help content creators everywhere.


Another pair of AI tools that have had a significant impact on my business are Opus Pro and Get Munch. These tools excel in transforming long-form videos into shorter, captivating segments. They automatically select the best parts of my videos and create 30-second to one-minute clips, complete with captions. This has allowed me to generate a substantial amount of short-form content without the need for external editors. As a result, I've saved over $1,000 a month that would have otherwise been spent on outsourcing this task.


While the quality of the short-form videos produced by these tools may not match the expertise of a professional editor, they still deliver impressive results at a fraction of the cost. They have empowered me to create unlimited short-form content effortlessly, making a significant difference in my content strategy…and exposure for my brand that would’ve otherwise cost me a lot of money.


Of course, we can't discuss AI tools without mentioning Chat GPT. I've leveraged this powerful tool in several ways within my business. Firstly, I use it to rewrite e-commerce titles and descriptions, as well as suggest better tags for product listings. Secondly, Chat GPT helps me write YouTube automation scripts, which I previously outsourced for $10-20 each time. Considering I uploaded 22 Faceless videos last month alone (across 2 different channels), it saved me anywhere from $220-$440 on script writers in the last 30 days. And if you’re still paying script writers, you might want to rethink that. With the right prompts and some guidance, chat gpt does a great job.


Lastly, it enables me to paraphrase my own YouTube videos into blog posts, which I then repurpose as Twitter threads and LinkedIn articles. The versatility of Chat GPT has been invaluable in enhancing my content creation and marketing efforts. And I come up with new use cases for it almost daily.


For my Etsy dropshipping listings, I've found AI tools like and Adobe Firefly to be incredibly helpful. automatically removes backgrounds from product images, allowing me to easily create transparent PNGs, which I can then put on mugs, tshirts, and other things in my store. This has eliminated the time-consuming process of manually cutting out backgrounds, saving me valuable time.


Adobe Firefly (which is available for free with an Adobe account) offers an array of impressive features. I particularly enjoy the text-to-image generator, which allows me to create custom images for YouTube thumbnails, print-on-demand products, and digital art. Additionally, Firefly can perform tasks like expanding and altering images based on prompts. Its capabilities have exceeded my expectations, surpassing other similar tools I've tried that cost money.


While I used to heavily rely on tools like Quillbot, Murf, and Pictory for generating content for my faceless youtube channels, I've moved away from them in recent months. These tools are still highly recommended for newcomers to YouTube authomation though, as they provide an easy way to experiment with different niches and video topics so you can find a good one without breaking the bank. However, it's crucial to prioritize high-quality video content to truly thrive on the platform long term…so once you find a good niche and some good topics that are working, I’d recommend moving to a higher quality approach.


One AI tool that has the potential to revolutionize various industries is the Overdub feature from Descript. This tool enables me to train an AI text-to-speech software to sound JUST like me. While it does an impressive job mimicking my voice, it still has a slightly computer-generated quality, lacking the natural pauses between words and sentences…so it’s not quite “there” yet. However, with advancements in AI technology, this tool holds great promise for a multitude of applications in the future and I’m really excited to see where it is a month or two from now.


Lastly, I must mention, a remarkable tool that instantly builds websites. When I was testing digital rank-and-rent websites, constantly building new sites for different niches and locations became a significant hurdle. Even the fastest web designer would take at least an hour to create a site…often several hours. However, with, website creation is now automated, which completely revolutionizes that business model. It also provides a massive opportunity for freelancers that want to sell web design services on freelancing sites like fiverr and upwork.


These AI tools have truly revolutionized my business, transforming various aspects of my operations. They have significantly reduced costs, saved time, and improved the quality of my products. Embracing AI technology has proven to be a game-changer, and I'm excited to witness its continued evolution in the future.

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