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Running a Retail Dropshipping Business - A Day in the Life

In the past, my work days were consumed by managing virtual assistants and running a Facebook drop shipping business. I had a team of three virtual assistants who would list products on various platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Shops, Poshmark, and Mercari. Another assistant would handle order processing, and on slower days, I would assist with order processing as well. It was a constant grind, even on weekends, but the money was great, so I stuck with it.

However, everything changed when my main Facebook account, responsible for generating $10,000 to $20,000 in monthly profit, got disabled. This setback forced me to reevaluate my approach and adapt to new circumstances. It made me realize how stressful running a Facebook drop shipping business at that level was, despite the financial success. Losing my main accounts led me to rethink my strategy and ultimately seek a more hands-off business model.

Now, my mornings start similarly as before. I set up my computers for my virtual assistants, but I've made a significant change in my hiring process. Instead of relying on higher-cost virtual assistants, I started hiring directly from, where I can find skilled assistants for about $2.50 per hour. This cost difference allows me more flexibility to test various strategies without needing an immediate positive return on investment.

Once the computers are set up, my virtual assistants begin listing products on a range of websites, including Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Shops, Bonanza, Etsy, Mercari, Poshmark, and more. We take a volume approach and aim to hit every platform as much as possible, with some well-researched products mixed in. This approach has been working solidly for us, although we no longer achieve the same revenue numbers as during the Facebook "Wild West" days. However, our overall profitability is similar because the expenses of paying four virtual assistants $8 per hour total...are significantly lower than paying three virtual assistants $24 per hour total.

In addition to listing products, I have one virtual assistant who handles order processing and contacts wholesale suppliers for Amazon drop shipping. We take a slow and consistent approach to scale, reaching out to a few suppliers each day to ensure we can set them up quickly and effectively. We select suppliers with no minimum order quantity that also provide order fulfillment services. To identify profitable products, we use software called Scan Unlimited, which compares wholesale supplier prices to Amazon prices. This helps us determine which products are worth listing. For suppliers whose stock we can't automatically monitor, my virtual assistant manually checks the products about once a week for any changes.

After setting up the listings and completing necessary tasks, I take a break to work out. Luckily, we recently bought a house with a garage converted into a gym, saving me time and allowing me to exercise without leaving home. During my workout, I sometimes continue listing products myself, maximizing productivity. Afterward, I have breakfast while listening to informative YouTube videos in the finance, business, and drop shipping niche. YouTube has become my go-to for learning and entertainment.

With recharged energy and a shower, I move on to the content creation side of my business. I have more time for this now, which excites me. Although I'm constantly learning and trying to improve my videos, I enjoy the creative process and sharing valuable information with my audience. I've discovered that quality is more important than quantity on YouTube, so I aim to upload every few days at most. This focus on quality allows for exponential growth and better engagement.

Once I finish scripting a video, I record it using a teleprompter, unless it involves computer tutorials. While I may not be the best at reading off the teleprompter, every word comes from me, ensuring authenticity. I then send the recorded footage to my editor, who saves me hours of editing time and delivers high-quality results. This efficient workflow enables me to focus on creating the next video (instead of spending the next day editing).

After content creation, I spend time on product research for Etsy drop shipping. I identify successful stores and provide their best designs to my graphic designer. He adds his own touch, recreating the designs with slight variations.

Lately, I've shifted my focus to Amazon and Etsy for e-commerce. These platforms require less hands-on management once the listings are set up and can be efficiently handled using software. This change significantly reduces expenses and time compared to managing Facebook drop shipping operations. I've also been able to profitably hire virtual assistants to manage other sites, making my e-commerce business more efficient and profitable.

After dinner, I return to package and label sales from platforms like Poshmark, OfferUp, and Mercari (where you often need to ship the products yourself using their label). I wrap up any remaining tasks and then unwind by reading with a glass of wine. Reading consistently has been a personal challenge, so I've created a positive feedback loop by allowing myself a small glass of wine with each book. It's a small indulgence that encourages me to read more consistently.

While I don't claim to have all the answers or have it all figured out, I'm constantly striving to improve and make more money. I wanted to share my experiences and what has worked for me, hoping it may benefit others on their entrepreneurial journey. Remember, finding what works for you and adapting your strategies to changing circumstances is key.

If you'd like to watch the complete video explanation of this, check it out below.

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