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How to Get Amazon Products for Pennies

This article is going to explain how you can get amazon products EVERY SINGLE DAY for just pennies.

Using this strategy actually helped me make my first 6 figures online as an entrepreneur.

I would get hundreds of products delivered to my parents house every week for just a few cents (or a few dollars a product max).

Then unbox them and turn around and ship them back into amazon to sell them at full retail (which meant 90-99% profit margins on every single product depending on how cheap I was able to source it for).

Now, full disclosure, you can’t resell these products on amazon anymore. If you do try it, it will most likely result in Intellectual Property and Copyright claims on your amazon seller account.

BUT there’s no reason you can’t use this same exact method to get super cheap products delivered directly to your house…..and then resell those products back on other marketplaces for ridiculously high profit margins.

eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, Mercari (or really any other website that isn’t amazon) are great ways to monetize this method.

So, how am I able to get amazon products so cheap? Coupon Code websites.

See, when amazon sellers are trying to rank a brand new product, they need purchases and reviews in order to climb up the search results. The way they do this is by offering their products at ridiculous high discounts so people like you and me can buy them.

And it’s really a win win for everyone in this situation. You and I would get a high quality, brand new amazon product for pennies on the dollar. And the seller would get a sale to help rank their product higher on amazon.

They’re also hoping that we’ll review the product 5 stars too of course….but you DO NOT have to do this in order to get cheap products. There’s no review requirement.

So the again, the business model is simple: use these website to get super cheap amazon products with discount codes.

With the right deals you can get high quality brand new amazon products (with high retail values) for pennies on the dollar.

You can then list those products at full retail (or even slightly under) on websites like ebay, facebook marketplace, poshmark, mercari, offerup, etc… and profit the difference when they sell.

Now, this coupon reselling strategy won’t make you a millionaire, but there’s no reason you can’t use it as an effortless side hustle to make a few extra hundred dollars a month.

I’m speaking from experience when I say this too (as someone who used to mainly teach this strategy...and scaled it up to a 6 figure yearly income, I know I works).

Don’t take my word for it though. Go out and try it yourself.

You don’t really have much to lose. It’s not like you’re risking much money to get these coupon products. And it’s not like you’re risking much time either. Amazon prime will deliver them right to your door in a day or two….and you can list them extremely fast as well.

Click the video below for a detailed list of the best Coupon Websites and how you can find cheap products to resell.

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